How Delivery Drivers Can Get Ahead This Holiday Season

Delivery drivers have more reasons to celebrate this holiday season. They are now one of the most in-demand workforce in the labour market.  And for the next coming months, they’ll play a critical role in solving the supplies chain issues that have been plaguing the world’s economy. Here’s what delivery drivers can do to get […]

Supply Chain Issues in the Restaurant Industry and Why Preparation is Key

Supply chain has now become a global issue with ports piling up from undelivered goods as labour shortages are still on the rise and suppliers still unable to keep up with the rising demands. For restaurant owners getting the supplies they need has been a major struggle. In this article, we’ll take a look at […]

5 Reasons High-End Restaurants Are Struggling to Survive (And What They Can Do About it)

High-end restaurants are still facing hardships despite governments lifting restrictions on in-person dining. What are the long-standing effects of this pandemic in the restaurant industry and how do restaurants cope with it? In this article, we’ll look at some of the common reasons why high-end restaurants don’t make much as expected and what can be […]

Why DeliveryBizConnect Is a Better Option to Hiring Additional Staff

Hiring staff is difficult for many restaurant owners these days. There are just not enough people to go around. Rising labour costs coupled with uncertainty in the restaurant industry created a lot of hesitancy on both restaurant owners and former employees who lost their jobs to the pandemic. In this article, we’re going to deal […]

Dine-In Is a Go for Restaurants – What’s Next?

So what’s the next most important thing to do for restaurant at this moment in time? We’re not talking about the usual stuff like hard-to-find staff, Covid Passports and the need to verify if your customers are coming soon, or even how to handle customers torn between coming back to restaurants for dine in or […]

How to Increase Your Delivery While COVID Restrictions Decrease

We saw the rise of food delivery services when we entered this new reality. But as we try to push back into pre-pandemic times, will food delivery become optional again? In this article, we’ll open up the possibility of increasing food delivery as we try to come out of this pandemic, not only as a […]

7 Ways Pre-ordering Increases Profits

Restaurants are back in business with restrictions slowly easing in many parts of the country. But in some parts of the country, dine-ins at full capacity could still be months away. One of the popular ways to increase dine-ins is to offer pre-orders. So how does pre-order actually work and do you need to do […]

How to Increase Dine-in Sales with a Delivery App when YOU control the Data

With restaurants reopening in many parts of the world, there’s no doubt restaurants who took worked hard to get and increase their online ordering, delivery, and curbside pickups will have an edge over those who didn’t. It doesn’t mean they’ve already missed the boat. Any good restaurant CRM like DeliveryBizConnect can work to KEEP your […]