How to Increase Your Delivery While COVID Restrictions Decrease

We saw the rise of food delivery services when we entered this new reality. But as we try to push back into pre-pandemic times, will food delivery become optional again? In this article, we’ll open up the possibility of increasing food delivery as we try to come out of this pandemic, not only as a […]

7 Ways Pre-ordering Increases Profits

Restaurants are back in business with restrictions slowly easing in many parts of the country. But in some parts of the country, dine-ins at full capacity could still be months away. One of the popular ways to increase dine-ins is to offer pre-orders. So how does pre-order actually work and do you need to do […]

How to Increase Dine-in Sales with a Delivery App when YOU control the Data

With restaurants reopening in many parts of the world, there’s no doubt restaurants who took worked hard to get and increase their online ordering, delivery, and curbside pickups will have an edge over those who didn’t. It doesn’t mean they’ve already missed the boat. Any good restaurant CRM like DeliveryBizConnect can work to KEEP your […]

10 Quick and Easy Recipes for Mother’s Day

If you grew up in a traditional home, then you know mothers do most of the cooking. Well today, it’s the other way around.   This Mother’s Day, we want all moms to feel special by returning a favour for all the work they’ve done for us. And of course, what better way to impress […]

Uber Eats vs. DeliveryBizConnect – Which is Better for You?

Choosing the right delivery app for your restaurant is a matter of survival in this new reality. One of the questions people ask nowadays is what delivery app is better than Uber Eats in terms of income and cost-effectiveness. In this article, we’ll compare DeliveryBizConnect with Uber Eats and see how they stack up against […]

Are Ghost Kitchens the Future of Restaurants?

Ghost kitchens had been the buzz since the pandemic hit and people had been asking whether ghost kitchens really are the future of restaurants. Euromonitor recently predicted cloud kitchens could be a $1 trillion market by 2030. U.S. currently has 1,500 ghost kitchens across the country, China with 7,500, and India with 3,500. In this […]

DeliveryBizConnect Offers Hope to Thousands of Restaurant Owners

The current surge in COVID cases has caused a lot of anxiety all across Canada and no one is feeling the pain of the recent shutdowns more than restaurant owners as the rules keep shifting and restaurants need to find new and inventive ways to keep from going bankrupt. Many experts believe we have entered […]

5 Things Third-party Apps Don’t Want You to Know

Third-party delivery apps mostly suffer from a lack of transparency, particularly when it comes to pricing and fees. We dug deeper into the rabbit hole to see what’s really going on in the background and shed some light as to why they charge so much for so little and the future of third-party delivery apps […]

How Much Money Can Drivers Make With DeliveryBizConnect?

Can Delivery Drivers Make a Living Driving for DeliveryBizConnect? Delivery drivers are the backbone of this gig economy particularly in the food delivery service industry. Ironically, they are also among the most underrated, underpaid workforce in the labour market. In this article, we’ll talk about driving for DeliveryBizConnect and how we can turn the tables […]