Driver Bubble Building Bonus

First, Want to see what is Possible?

Check out this page where you can see every picture and amount earned when the founders of DeliveryBizConnect hit the streets of Vancouver, BC, Canada for just 5 hours including a lazy lunch break, to make sure we were offering a true additional income stream for drivers.

See What’s Possible!


To qualify for your Driver Bubble Building Bonuses, you need to:

1. Fill in the “Call or Register by” date blank on your brochure as seen in image.

2. Fill in the “Referrer:” blank on your brochure with your name, and the number in sequence of brochures you have handed out .

No less than 10 days from the day you plan to hand it out, and no more than 2 weeks.

We suggest you put your name and sequence on all brochures when you get them, then just add your “Call or Register by;” information on the day you plan to drop brochures.

Take a picture showing the Restaurant or Business you dropped the brochure off at which includes visibly the back of the brochure.

3. Text the Photo and Restaurant or Business Name, Owners Name, and Restaurant Phone number, and optionally include for higher pay Owners Mobile Phone number, and email.

Text To: 604-900-2384

Email To:

If you Drop off a Brochure and upload image of Restaurant and text the image: AND text Owner’s Name and Restaurant’s Phone Number...

You earn $1.

AND text Owner’s Name, Personal Phone Number, and email…

You earn $5.

AND text Owner’s Name, Personal Phone Number, and email and get them to call 604-900-2384 letting us know you referred them…

You earn $10.

Ongoing commissions for enrolling new Restaurants

DBC onboards one of your Restaurant leads, you earn 10% of the monthly $99.99 subscription and 10% of our $1 delivery fee on every delivery done through DBC.

Onboard the Restaurant that pays for menu creation done by DBC, you earn 30% of the Menu Building Service Amount.

**Menu building is $3/item if we need to build from scratch and customer supplies images if needed, or $1.50 if we are just copying from another delivery app menu. Average menu is 100 items. 100 x $3 = $300 x 30% = $90 for you!

You are also able to provide approved tablets, printers, brochures and services to each restaurant and upcharge for a profit. For example, we purchase 8” Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablets from BestBuy for $199 and sell them to the restaurant configured with our app for $249. You would earn the difference. (You can set the sell price approved by DBC).

Ongoing commissions for enrolling new Drivers

Refer a driver and earn a 10% commission on our $1 delivery fee on every delivery the driver does at any participating restaurant. If the restaurant is one you referred, this will be added to your base 10% commission.

Personal Bubble Manager Bonus

To become a personal bubble manager you must hand out 20 restaurant brochures and 2 driver brochures a day 5 days a week for 8 weeks. 

You can earn additional 5% commission on all restaurants and drivers you personally onboarded AND 5% on Restaurants and Drivers Onboarded by your Drivers or Restaurants. 

Area Manager

Once you have maintained your Personal Bubble Manager Bonus for 3 months, You can be considered for an area manager position. An area manager position is a staff position with minimum guaranteed income and commission based upside potential. 

Additional bonus information

The Driver Bubble Building Bonus residual income (recurring revenues paid after your initial payment for dropping brochures or making the first sale) is paid if you drop off and record a minimum on 50 brochures a month; or earn a minimum of $50 cumulative total of $1, $5, and $10 commissions a month, or enroll at least 1 new restaurant a month; or make a minimum of 20 monthly deliveries on the DBC app.

Reporting found to be fraudulent will result in immediate termination of this contract and any monies earned forfeited. You may also become liable for monies paid in the past.