One Touch & Done Follow-Up

One Touch and Done

On-board customer data easily with
the only “1 Touch and Done”:

  • online order
  • staff delivery
  • frictionless data entry
  • forever follow-up and invite back to buy again,

PROVEN SYSTEM, DeliveryBizConnect!

How much would your sales grow with friction free customer data collection and automatic follow up ability for take-out and online orders, your points of first contact with your customers…

Check out this 4 minute video to see how our, “One Touch and Done” simple CRM for Restaurants may help you with taking Online Orders!

Online Order Capability in 10 minutes

The easiest way to add someone to DeliveryBizConnect’s embedded CRM is to ensure you ask for an email and phone number on all take-out or delivery online orders, and using your 1 touch and done CRM set to automatically follow up with customers into the future to invite them to order again, completely automatically.

DeliveryBizConnect has found simply doing this increases a Restaurants revenue as much as 30% during this pandemic. Data is Key in the “New World” as a Restaurant Owner.

Adopting technology to grow your take-out and delivery sales is no longer something you can ignore in the fight for survival. Learning a bit about 1 touch and done restaurant CRM systems like and the Embedded DeliveryBizConnect module, is now critical to success.