We are excited to have you aboard and help you experience the $18,315.00/year* savings your new online ordering platform with 3.33% Deliveries and 0% FREE Pickups will generate.

I haven’t said much about it yet, but we are even more excited for your future and the increase in sales DeliveryBizConnect will generate as your customer data automatically grows and is utilized over time.

48 Hour Time Limited Special Offer

By deciding to join us within the next 48 hours, and sending us $149.99 we will get you started with our Maximization Starter package. (Normally $499)

This includes:

We will ship your tablet and brochures, set up your directory listing and build your menu so you will be online and saving in 7 days or sooner.

Though you paid your $99.99 first months system access fee in advance in this Maximization Starter Package, it will not start until you take your first live order for pickup or delivery, so you are not at risk of paying for something you are not yet using.

Don’t worry, the entire amount of not just the $149.99, but the following months $99.99 service fee is money back guaranteed if for any reason you decide to cancel the service and return the tablet within 60 days.

Text or Call Craig at 604-900-2384 with your credit card ready by days end the day after tomorrow to take advantage of this offer. I will remind you again tomorrow in case you get crazy busy as so easily can happen to restaurant owners.

If you want to confirm how much you can save with us, check out our handy calculator:

Once we receive your satisfaction guaranteed payment here is how things flow.

Step 1. We Build your Menu's for Online and Mobile Ordering

Email me at craig@deliverybizconnect.com, or text me at 604-900-2384 the 3rd Party Delivery app menu URL you like the best.

Our design team will copy it into our system and will build your online ordering menus for FREE PICKUP and 3.33% DELIVERY orders.

Step 2. Receive Your Pre-Configured Tablet and Inserts

We ship your ready to use tablet within 1 business day of receiving your payment.

We ship with your tablet 100 customized inserts for your customers. (our average client sees a 35% conversion from other apps 10% to 30% fees to your new online ordering system with DeliveryBizConnect for 0% pickup and 3.33% delivery orders).

As this tablet makes its way towards you, our team will be setting up your directory listing, customizing your mobile app and web site ordering pages, and building your online ordering menus.

Step 3. Get a Square Credit Card Processing Account

Get a SquareUp.com credit card processing account. Unlike other apps, we don’t touch your money, you collect all payments immediately when your customer places an order. We bill weekly or bi-weekly (as needed) for the delivery fees.

https://yesdbc.com/square – use this link to join, and get your first $1000 in sales with no processing fee from Square.

As their data is being collected during the conversion and money saving process automatically, and our CRM can additionally be used to offer loyalty programs, specials, deals, discounts to bring them back more often then they may naturally come.

Step 4. Learn More about the Power of DBC

Read our manual and go to our YouTube channel. Most of your questions will be answered here.

Manual – DBC Manual Website

YouTube –  DBC Manual Youtube Channel

Step 5. After your Tablet and Inserts Arrive

Set up a Zoom call with our team to finalize all your setup. Text us at 604-900-2384 when your package arrives.

We will walk you through how it works, it is very similar to other tablets you use now, but more focused on your restaurant’s needs.

We will also do a test order with you to make sure all your settings are to your specifications.
Your savings can begin the second this call or zoom is complete!

Oh, and don’t forget, you have nothing to lose, it is all money back guaranteed for a full 60 days**.

* Savings based on DBC’s average restaurant customer doing 75 pickup/delivery orders per week at $30 avg order size and 15% avg tip

** Money Back Guarantee is for $149.99 + $99.99 maximum and does not include any delivery charges completed. Refund issued upon receipt of Tablet supplied to restaurant, or within 14 business days of written notice to cancel in the case of restaurant supplying their own tablet. Outstanding Delivery fees may be taken from the refund amount if they remain outstanding.