Increase Your
Restaurant's Sales
41% FAST

Using Step 1 and 5 of Our 9 Step Rapid Sales Growth Plan

Imagine the Sales Growth You Would Have with ALL 9 Steps!
  1. Having an Online Order Page boosts your sales an average of 30% over walk-up, phone, and delivery orders with 3rd Party Apps.
  2. Use DeliveryBizConnect’s automatically generated order page which you can set up yourself in under 45 minutes or embed into your own website with the help of your web designer.
  3. A massive benefit of Online Orders is you instantly create yourself a customer database you can use to increase sales even further.
  1. Tell the story of the financial pain caused by the 3rd party apps and how they take 30% of the order from you. Offer them an extra bonus of food or a drink vs. a discount should they Order from your Order Page and come to pick it up. Customers are largely UNAWARE of how much Uber Eats and Skip the dishes hurt Smaller Restaurants and happy to help you once they do.
  2. Put a Sign/Banner with Order Online Direct and a HUGE QR Code and Short URL on your windows and add to any signage, have the same by your take-out area.
  3. Post on you Social Media Channels like Facebook and Instagram announcing your new ONLINE ordering page and Mobile App
  4. Email your list
  5. Consider a targeted Facebook Ad Campaign blanketing your Neighborhood.
  1. Allows you to invite customers back, offer new items or specials, and fill your slowest days with customers.
  2. A simple fully automated follow up strategy can increase sales 15%
  3. Learn to do group mailouts with special offers can increase sales yet another 10% over just automated.
  4. Walk-Up
  5. Phone Orders
  6. Dine-In – Now Legally Required for “New World” notifications in many countries.
  1. Create or modify a high margin menu item that can be frozen and packaged in a healthy 2-person portion. Sell it in Multi-Packs only, 3 at once, 5 at once, 10 at once. Grocery stores are still out of many pre-cooked frozen convenience items, yours will be BETTER. (if you can bring back staff at 75% off, labor intensive items are ok!)
  2. This can increase your average order 10% just by having it on your Online Order Page and suggesting it to customers at your pickup window
  3. Lasagna, Shepherd’s Pie, Burrito Casserole, Breakfast Casserole, 6 pack of FROZEN uncooked Cookie Dough, Frozen Croissants ready to bake, or similar specialty of your restaurant’s identity.
  4. Do Samples at your location or add samples to any takeout or delivery orders along with a simple pamphlet with detailed cooking instructions you have tested to give the best results.
  1. EASIER online Ordering increases sales even faster just online ordering.
  2. Once a customer downloads with your code, they, and anyone they refer see your default branding even when ordering from others.
  3. Check-In Function for Dine-In Customers – now required by law in many countries
  4. Loyalty Program
  5. Referral Program
  1. Give Points for purchases and allow them to be redeemed for free stuff
  2. Increases sales 10% just by having a loyalty program and an automated follow up strategy
  1. Your customers will happily refer their friends to the app to earn MORE loyalty points when their friend buys from you, this can add 50% to your sales over 90 days when promoted properly.
  2. You can even offer First time Customers a discount if you like.
  1. Doing your own deliveries can increase your profit margin as much as 20% using UberEATS and Skip for repeat customers.
  2. Doing now when you can bring back a staff member at 75% in Canada and heavily subsidized in many other countries allows you to build your delivery base to a cash cow without the stress of full salary.
  3. Your goal is to have UberEATS and Skip etc. bring you customers initially, then YOU convert them with the help of to your OWN Online or Mobile take-out and/or delivery customers.
  1. Automated Follow up by Email, Text Messaging, and push notifications to App users
  2. Email/Text/Push Notification Blasts with specials, new menu items etc.
  3. Get customers to download the Mobile Ordering App.
  4. Get customers to refer their friends with your referral program

What Our Clients Are Saying?

Check out Rod Egerton, the owner of the Sawbucks Pub in White Rock shares his experience about Craig, Dennis and DeliveryBizConnect’s ability to Take Online Orders with 10 minutes of set-up, start doing your own deliveries with Staff with 10 minutes more setup … and automatically follow up with all clients to invite them back over and over with no additional set up time!

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