Restaurant Discount App by DeliveryBizConnect

Restaurant Discount App for Discounts, Deals, Savings & Coupons at Your Local Restaurants

Are you a hungry customer looking to save on great food for pickup or delivery while supporting your local restaurants?

Get our restaurant discount app for FREE now!

99.2% of our restaurant customers offer a first time restaurant order discount, deal, savings or coupon.

Imagine saving 10% to 30% on your first order from local restaurants for dine-in, pickup or delivery.

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How About a FREE Menu Item?

Things like:

  • Free Salsa and chips from a Mexican restaurant
  • Free Edamame from a Japanese restaurant
  • Free Hummus from a Shawarma restaurant
  • Free twisty bread from a Pizza restaurant
  • Free garlic bread from an Italian restaurant.

You get the picture…

Restaurant Owners & Managers

  • Are you a restaurant owner, manager or customer wanting to increase restaurant sales by 23% or $6900/month over the next 8 months while becoming recession and lockdown proof?
  • Are you getting hurt by the high cost of delivery?
  • Do you need your customer data?
  • You can afford to offer discounts, deals, savings, and coupons as our online ordering system + restaurant CRM increases your sales AND decreases your online/mobile ordering for delivery and pickup costs by $18,315/year.
  • It comes with 3.33% of order (min $1 max $2.50) for Delivery with our own premium drivers, instead of 30% of order. 
  • Pickup orders are always free.
  • It gets better, customer data is being automatically collected help a restaurant owner keep its customers up to date and offer even more discounts, deals, savings and coupons.
  • You also benefit from being in our restaurant discount app.

DeliveryBizConnect is your one stop shop to increase restaurant sales and decrease operation costs:

  • Restaurant Discount App branded to your restaurant
  • Restaurant Online Ordering App and website
  • Restaurant CRM – Automated Email and Text marketing campaigns
  • Tablet App for Order Processing