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Increase Your Restaurant Sales 23%

or $6900/month/30 seats, within 8 months**

Dine-In, Pickup, & Delivery

How Do We Do It?

Step 1 – Create/Update Your Restaurant Web Presence

Help more people find you on Google, Bing and Facebook. Create simple 3-page SEO friendly website you use to control your story on TripAdvisor, Yelp etc.

Step 2 – Automate Your Restaurant Customer Data Collection

Implement restaurant CRM, online ordering & dine-in QR Code menu platform with laminated table talkers automatically collecting data for your mailing list for future marketing.

Step 3 – Automate Digital & Social Media Marketing for Your Restaurant

Start automated email, text messaging & social media marketing campaigns to increase data collection and sales.

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$2400 Restaurant Grant from Canadian Government

Canadian Government Grant Just Announced with $4 Billion in Funding

CDAP – Canada Digital Adoption Program $2400 Grant

Get Our Best Restaurant Sales Growth Support Package

 DBC Sales Maximization Complete Package

Including up to 6 Months DBC Complete Upgrade Web Promotion and Social Media Marketing

Upgrade from Sales Max: Regular Price = $3600.00

After $2400 CDAP Grant and $1200 DBC Subsidy = You Pay $499.99**

**When upgrading from $449.99 Sales Max package.

Sales Growth Restaurant CRM &
Restaurant Online Ordering System

DBC Sales Max Package – Increase Sales 23%

Everything Needed to Start Increasing your Restaurant Sales + Online/Mobile Ordering  

  • Automated Data Collection from Dine-in, Take-out, and Delivery Customers

  • Tablet for Order Handling

  • Online/Mobile Ordering Menu Building Service

  • Mobile Ordering App – Your Restaurant Branding

  • 3.33% Deliveries with our Premium Drivers

  • Marketing Materials Package (see image above)

  • Email/text messaging campaign manager

DBC Sales Max Pro Package – Increase Sales 23% Faster

Adds On – Option A – Web Presence Package to Drive Traffic

  • 3 Page Editable Website

  • Google Business Profile – Setup/Update

  • Bing Business Profile – Setup/Update

  • Facebook Page – Setup/Update

  • Custom Domain – URL like

Or Adds On – Option B – Accelerated Dine-In Sales Growth + Data Collection
  • Automatically Collect Dine-In Data with Automated Incentive Program

  • Custom Table Talkers for every Table with QR Codes to Incentivize Mobile App Downloads and Mailing List Subscriptions

  • Custom Email/Text/SMS/Push Campaigns

    • Happy Hour

    • New or Discontinued Menu Item

    • Fill Your Restaurant on Slow Daying Business Profile

  • 3 Page Editable Website

  • Existing Customer Data Import

DBC Sales Max Ultimate Package – Increase Sales Fastest

Adds on – Web/Social Media Promotions 

  • Restaurant Promotion Campaigns

  • Your Restaurant Website Refresh

  • Simple Logo Design/Update

  • Facebook Marketing

  • Instagram Marketing

  • Automated Data Collection

  • Restaurant Database

  • Restaurant CRM Automated Restaurant Promotions Engine

  • Increase Restaurant Sales with Automated Email, Text & Social Media Marketing

Other Restaurant Services
  • Restaurant Consulting

  • Restaurant Marketing Consulting

  • Graphic/Web Design

  • Copywriting

  • Ad Writing

  • Google Adwords/Social Media Marketing Posting

NOTE: Due to the interconnection of our system, we only do “Other Restaurant Services” for our Restaurant CRM with Online Ordering System Customers.

DeliveryBizConnect Food Ordering App

Why Do Most Ordering &
Delivery Apps...

Not Give You "YOUR" Customer Data?

It is Too Valuable To THEM!

Imagine What it is Worth to You!

We collect your customer data & automatically for you and engage email and text message marketing to increase your sales.

Restaurant Data + a Restaurant CRM increases restaurant sales $26.55/record annually
A 30-seat restaurant using DBC can generate 1500 pieces of data in 3 months
That is over $26,000 in increased sales.

Simple 3 Step
Restaurant Sales Growth & Pickup/Delivery Savings System

Mobile phone, Delivery Driver, and Restaurant

Step 1

Create/Update Your Website & Online Ordering System

Phone Online Order

Step 2

Convert Your Customers and Collect Data Automatically

restaurant online ordering system with restaurant crm

Step 3

Utilize Customer Data to Drive Sales

DeliveryBizConnect Food Ordering App
60 Day Money Back Guaranteed

Imagine being able to TURN OFF 3rd party order/delivery apps and INCREASE restaurant sales...

(**for each $1000/day in restaurant sales you do,
Sales 2000/day? Sales Increase $13,800/month
ask us for details)

We Save Restaurants

On Online/Mobile Ordering & Pickup/Delivery Fees

FREE Pickup & 3.33% Delivery (Min $1 Max $2.50)

Get Your Restaurant Started
Risk Free

Fill in your details one of our Restaurant Sales Experts will call within 24 hours to answer your questions and help you get started.

Or Call/TXT Us at:
+1 (604) 900-2384

Restaurant CRM
Online/Mobile Ordering
Free Pickup & 3.33% Deliveries

Tablet for Order Handling
Kamei Online Mobile Menu

Web & Mobile Online Ordering System

Mobile App
Our App - Your Logo
DeliveryBizConnect Helps Restaurants
Here is What Our Customers Say...

Jose Martinez

Ay Chihuahua Mexican Food, Surrey BC

DeliveryBizConnect provided me my own restaurant online ordering system for pickup orders within 48 hours, eliminating the 20% fee I was paying 3rd Party apps. They shared how to educate my customers the cost and pain the 3rd party delivery apps create for me, and how ordering from my website instead of the 3rd Party apps, whenever possible for pickup, supports me the best.

Many customers have said they had no idea they were hurting me, as the TV commercials made them feel they were helping. 

Now we learned to increase restaurant sales, dine-in, pickup, and delivery.

Now my customers download my branded version of the FREE DBC app, order direct from me for pickup orders that cost me NOTHING or deliveries costing me only about $1 each! They get the same experience they are used to with the 3rd Party Apps!

Thanks Craig and Dennis and the DBC team…you guys have saved my restaurant.

Jatin Sharma

Curry Lounge, Surrey BC

I was looking for a solution to move away from the expensive 3rd party delivery apps. One of my delivery app drivers gave me DeliveryBizconnect’s brochure and shared the app could lower my delivery costs to just $3.3%… so I immediately set up an appointment.

With the DBC system I convert my expensive delivery orders from 3rd party apps to my own pick up and delivery solution through my website and the FREE DBC app. I see more customers now picking up to help us out even more. My staff loves the fact that customers can now split the tip with the restaurant staff. It’s a win…win…win!

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