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Increase Restaurant Take-Out Sales 30%
with Your Own Online Ordering Menu

Set-up by Yourself in 45 Minutes

Increase Customer Comfort

Do Touchless QR Code Menu Dine-In, Take-out and Delivery Orders


Increase Profit Margins 20%

Have Your Staff Deliver and
Save the 30% Delivery App Fees!

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Proven Restaurant Strategies for our "New Reality"


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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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We Can Do Your Food Delivery for
$1 per Order!

You Pay Less, Your Customers Can Pay Less, Drivers Get Paid More


The big delivery apps spend $Billions a year in advertising, driving up your delivery costs.

Our technology matches freelance drivers to you, redirecting those $Billions back to you, the delivery drivers, and the local economy.

We Simply Created a Fairer Platform

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How Else Does DeliveryBizConnect Help Restaurants?

Increase Restaurant Sales 25% With Check-In & QR Code Menu Touchless DineIn

Having Your Own QR Code Menu Online
Increases TakeOut Sales 30%

What is Included for $99/month?

Ordering – Integrated Ordering System


Mobile App for Your Customers


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Today's restaurants need a QR Code Menu to do Touchless Dine-In ordering and Online Take-out and Delivery Orders to maximize restaurant sales.DeliveryBizConnect's Check-In capable Restaurant CRM helps you convert 83% of dine-in customers to your update list subscribers generating you a 25% increase in sales.

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DeliveryBizConnect lets you set up your own pre-paid QR Code Menu online within 45 minutes and immediately start doing Touchless Dine-In Ordering, Online take out Orders, and curbside pickup Orders by QR code or short website URL.It also lets you go bigger… Set up your own Staff done delivery and re-hire your team to prepare, pack and deliver items locally for as low as $2.19 / Delivery using our Drivers App.

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Ready to Increase Restaurant Sales 25% or More?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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DeliveryBizConnect enables ANY LOCAL business, not just restaurants, to take online and phone orders within 45 Minutes. It also allows local deliveries with existing staff. Reduce the 30% paid to Food Delivery Service apps. Go all-in-one: phone and online orders, QR Code Menu, delivery route optimization, driver tracking, automatic customer follow-up and built-in Restaurant CRM.

See How Many Deliveries it takes for it to cost you less to deliver with your staff than 3rd party apps with our Delivery Break-Even Calculator!

Need Help Finding Increasing Sales Strategies?

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Get a QR Code Menu and Online Order Menu

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Increase Sales Even More

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Online Order and Staff Delivery Bonuses