DBC Sales Max Ultimate

DBC Sales Maximization Complete Package
(CDAP Qualifying)
6 Month Upgrade Subscription to DBC Sales Maximization Complete Service

Total Value: $8072.00

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CDAP Government Grant

DBC Complete Package Subsidy

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  $ 249.99

Total Price for 6 months Complete Package Upgrade after Rebates: $249.99 One Time Upfront Fee (**money back guaranteed)

Online Ordering and Data Conversion/Collection System

Web Presence Essentials

Dine In Sales Growth
+ Data Collection

Web/Social Media Promotions

Restaurant Consulting

DBC Sales Max Packages Monthly Fee (6 Months Included)



Only Charged in Months $500+ in Online Orders Placed

OR 1000+ Email/Text/Push Communications sent

Monthly Subscription Includes

DBC Ultimate Web Promo Monthly Optional (6 months Included)
(CDAP Qualifying)



Total Value: $883

Regular $399.99

Monthly Ongoing Marketing Support Package Includes

60 Day Money Back Guaranteed

60 Day Money Back Guaranteed