Investor Updates

Investor Updates

Driver Recruitment Campaign Begins

Vancouver Lower Mainland, BC has begun testing a viral approach to delivery driver recruitment.

An automated sales funnel sifts and sorts incoming driver leads prioritizing those who wish to help DeliveryBizConnect expand with our Driver Brochure Distribution program.

In the first week, 13 leads generated, 9 signed on to be drivers, 5 signed on to help promote DBC, 35 brochures handed out and 1 restaurant doing 140 orders per day came on board.

Testing Ad cost $40.

Driver Brochure Promo Cost: $35

Halifax Food Delivery Service Partners with DeliveryBizConnect

ExpressBite, Halifax NS

Food delivery service company ExpressBite Delivery partners with DeliveryBizConnect for a technology upgrade and begins to build a Nova Scotia bubble with their existing and new customers. 

With 4 restaurants on board and and estimated 26 more to come in the next 30 days.

A strategic partnership bringing a top notch driver training program to ensure DeliveryBizConnect drivers exceed the expectation of restaurants fatigued by poor driver quality of the major 3rd party apps. 

Keep-It-Local Mission Saves White Rock Community $8784.42

White Rock BC has made significant progress in addressing the negative impact food delivery apps have had on restaurants in our local communities.

Third-party delivery apps charge restaurants 15% per order, with additional fees of up to 5%, including ordering and processing, while customers are charged 10% or more for service. DeliveryBizConnect has returned cost-control to our local restaurant owners by charging only 3.33% for delivery driver matching. 

In the White Rock area alone, an estimated $180,000/month is paid towards fees for Food Delivery Apps by local business owners. Instead of that cost going back to our communities, the dollars are being used on market share wars between feuding, unprofitable mega corps, further hurting our economy during trying times. 

DeliveryBizConnect has already saved White Rock restaurants $8,742.42. Funds saved by restaurant owners can be put towards staffing, cost of restaurant space, or be reinvested in the community through, for example, continued sponsorship of local sports teams.

DeliveryBizConnect Interviewed by 680 News Radio

680 News Radio, Toronto, ON and Vancouver, BC


Kris McCuster of 680 News Radio interviews Craig Peloquin about its mission to save restaurants money by enabling them with their own branded pickup and delivery solution solving many restaurant specific issues neglected by the major apps. 

680 News and DeliveryBizConnect Radio Interview
Peace Arch News

DeliveryBizConnect Featured in Peace Arch News

Peace Arch News, White Rock BC

With most third-party food-delivery apps eating away profits of small restaurants, a White Rock software company says it created new delivery application that’s designed to help business owners save money.

White Rock’s Craig Peloquin and Vancouver’s Dennis Wilson recently launched Delivery Biz Connect.

Peloquin said while some of the major food-delivery apps charge restaurants up to 30 per cent for delivery per order, and up to 15 per cent for pickup orders, his app will not.” …

DeliveryBizConnect Beta Launched

White Rock BC

DeliveryBizConnect is proud to launch its beta version and begin testing the tech in White Rock, BC, Canada. 

Our app and web suite of tools is in beta with 8 restaurant customers.

Full Stack Beta Includes: