Crispy Falafel Express Vancouver

Welcome To Crispy Falafel Express Vancouver

We started Crispy Falafel Express downtown to share our love of Mediterranean food with the city we call home. Being passionate about cooking and wanting to share that passion, we decided to open a food truck to bring our delicious recipes straight from the kitchen to the streets. At Crispy Falafel, we take pride in only serving the freshest ingredients and being able to offer a unique dining experience. You’ll find us at the corner of Georgia and Granville outside the Canada Line Skytrain entrance.

Crispy Falafel Express Vancouver is located at 725 West Georgia Street Vancouver, British Columbia V7Y 1K8 Canada.

Crispy Falafel Express Vancouver’s Featured Menu Items


Hapjes Appetizer Bite – Free Hapjes bite when you check in
Breakfast Platter – 8 oz Brinta, 2 rusk with cheese, fruit, a pancake with whipped cream and chocolate flakes, boiled egg
Breakfast Table – A drink, yogurt, egg, bread, and bread toppings
Brinta – Whole wheat cereal, brown sugar, and banana
Dutch Pancakes – Choose your filling and toppings for 2 Dutch pancakes!
Uitsmijter – Toast with butter, cheese, ham, and a fried egg


Lays Bolognese (533 Cal) – Lays chips with a Bolognese flavor!
Lays Hamkas (500 Cal) – Ham and cheese flavored waffle chips.
Lays Paprika (538 Cal)
Lays Wokkels (460 Cal) – Delicious paprika flavored curly chips.
Lorenz Crunchips Paprika Flavor (528 Cal) – Crunchy chips with a paprika flavor!
Lorenz Curly Peanut Classic (499 Cal) – Tasty peanut shaped and peanut flavored chips!


  • Build-Your-Own Burger
  • Build-Your-Own Burger Combo
  • Picallili Burger Combo – Your classic burger with spiced meat and piccalilli and a soup or salad.
  • Piccalilli Burger – Your classic burger with spiced meat and piccalilli.

Coffee & Teas

  • Black Tea
  • Cappuccino
  • Cappuccino Choco
  • Coffee
  • Coffee Gone Cold – Iced Coffee with optional vanilla or honey
  • Coffee Gone Wrong – Espresso with warm milk and topped with foam.
  • D.E Ice Cappuccino (250ml)
  • D.E Iced Mocha (250 ml)
  • Espresso
  • Large Coffee


Butter Cake
Pinocchio Ice Cream – 125 mL of Bubblegum, Belgian Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Vanilla or Mango ice cream
Poffertjes (Mini Pancakes) – 15 mini pancakes with powdered sugar.
Syrup Wafer – One regular or mini wafer made and filled with delicious syrup.

Soda's, Shakes, & More

  • Ben Shaw’s Bitter Shandy
  • Ben Shaw’s Cloudy Lemonade
  • Ben Shaw’s Cream Soda
  • Ben Shaw’s Dandelion & Burdock
  • Breakfast Shake – Made with banana, greek yogurt (17% protein), brinta, honey, and berries
  • Cassis (Black Currant)
  • Fanta (Orange)
  • Flavoured Sparkling Water – Choose from raspberry, orange, or strawberry!
  • Old Jamaica Ginger Beer Light (non-alcoholic)
  • Old Jamaica Ginger Beer Regular (non-alcoholic)
  • Orange Juice
  • Spring Water


Broodje Gezond
Build-Your-Own Sandwich! – Choose your favorite toppings
Ham and Gouda – White or whole wheat bread, mild gouda, ham, cucumber, butter, and lettuce.
Pesto and Gouda – White or whole wheat bread, lettuce, basil pesto, tomato, and mild gouda.

Thank you for choosing Crispy Falafel Express Vancouver. We appreciate your business.

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