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Republica offers you only the best. We import only the finest Arabica green coffees available, roast them for the ultimate in flavour and aroma, then prepare blends that are uniquely our own. By roasting the beans ourselves, we can insure complete quality control and freshness. Our quality control begins with coffee bean selection. We sift through the hundreds of beans available, then decide which are good enough to put our name on. It’s simple by selecting only the finest green beans, we can assure you the best possible cup.

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Republica Coffee Roasters's Featured Menu Items

Freshly Roasted Coffee

  • 100% Wild Kopi Luwak – Medium Roast Wild Certified.
  • Bendtsen Mocha Java – Medium Roast Blend
  • Bob Brown – French Dark Roast BLEND
  • Brazil, Moreninha Formosa ”Raisin” – Medium Roast
  • Burundi FW IWCA – Karehe ‘Lot 10134’ – Med-Dark Roast
  • Christmas – Dark Roast BLEND
  • Cloverdale – Medium Roast Blend
  • Colombia, Supremo La Cauca – Medium Roast
  • Copa Del Rey – Medium Roast Blend
  • Costa Rica, Las Trojas superior – Medium Roast
  • Dark Angel – French Dark Roast BLEND
  • DECAF – Swiss Water Decaffeinated – Medium Dark Roast
  • Diabolique Premium European Espresso – Med-Dark Roast BLEND
  • Ethiopia Natural Sidamo – Med Roast Espresso
  • Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe – Med-Dark Roast
  • Fort Langley Post Blend – Med-Darker Roast
  • Guatemala Antigua – Medium Roast
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain No. 1 – Clydesdale Med – Roast Certified.
  • Kenya ABC Kifaru – Med-Dark Roast
  • Mexico Chiapas, UDEPOM – Medium Roast
  • Mocha- Java La Republica Blend – Dark Roast BLEND
  • Panama Hacienda la Esmeralda – Medium Roast
  • Papua New Guinea A/X Small Farm #1 Grain Pro – Medium Roast
  • Peru Gr.1 Cenfrocafe Cajamarca – Med-Dark Roast
  • Rwanda Kivu Kanzu – Dark Roast
  • Sumatra, Mandheling Grade 1 Gayo Linge – Medium Dark Roast
  • Tanzania, Mount Meru Peaberry – Medium Dark Roast
  • Terra Azure Premium Italian Espresso – Med-Dark Roast BLEND
  • The Lion’s Den – Light Roast BLEND
  • The Perfect Storm Blend – Dark Roast BLEND
  • Tres Estrellas Panamerica Blend – Medium Roast BLEND

Green Coffee Unroasted 5lb Min Order

  • 100% Wild Kopi Luwak – Green Beans Unroasted
  • Brazil, Moreninha Formosa ”Raisin” – Green Beans Unroasted
  • Burundi FW IWCA – Karehe ‘Lot 10134’ – Green Beans Unroasted
  • Colombia, Supremo – Green Beans Unroasted
  • Costa Rica, Las Trojas superior – Green Beans Unroasted
  • Decaf Swiss Water Process Brazil, – Green Beans Unroasted
  • Ethiopia Natural Sidamo – Green Beans Unroasted
  • Ethiopia yirgacheffe – Green Beans Unroasted
  • Guatemala Antigua – Green Beans Unroasted
  • Kenya ABC Kifaru – Green Beans Unroasted
  • Mexico Chiapas, UDEPOM – Green Beans Unroasted
  • Peru Gr.1 Cenfrocafe Cajamarca – Green Beans Unroasted
  • Rwanda Kivu – Green Beans Unroasted
  • Sumatra, Indonesia, Mandheling Grade 1 Gayo Linge – Green Beans Unroasted
  • Tanzania, Mount Meru Peaberry – Green Beans Unroasted
  • Vietnam Robusta #1 17/18 – Green Beans Unroasted

Thank you for choosing Republica Coffee Roasters. We appreciate your business.

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