Zugba Flame Grilled Chicken

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Zugba Flame Grilled Chicken

Everyone has a memory of food from back home, from one’s childhood, or from one’s journeys and travels.

At Zugba, we serve food that have important meaning to us. From Tocino – the first taste of “karneng pula” in Rosario by the Pasig River, the Chicken Mami after a morning with Grandma at the wet market in Lucena, the family favorite Hardinera from the mountain town of Lucban, the Sinanglaw from road trips of Northern Luzon and our specialty Grilled Chicken Inasal from frequent dinner stops on the streets of Mindanao.

We hope that our offerings will also take you back to your special memories and create new ones with your family when you take our food home to your dinner table.

Zugba Flame Grilled Chicken is located at 14351 104 Avenue (In the Henlong Market) Surrey, British Columbia V3T 1Y1 Canada.


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Popular Items

All Day Breakfast

Sweet and spicy breakfast sausages, yellow rice, and a fried egg.

Sweet tender pork jerky, yellow rice, and a fried egg.

Crunchy dried fish, yellow rice, and a fried egg.

Fried Jeprox Solo
Side of crunchy dried fish.

Shanghaisilog (8 pcs)
Fried lumpiang shanghai, yellow rice, and a fried egg.

Extra Yellow Rice
Extra Yellow Rice

Extra Fried Egg (1 pc)
Extra Fried Egg (1 pc)

Atchara Jar
Green papaya pickles best with fried food and breakfast

Popular Items


BBQ Pork
1 Skewer of pork barbeque.

Chicken Kabob
Skewer of boneless chicken thigh.

Popular Items


Fresh Lumpia
Jicama, carrots, chickpeas, tofu, crab meat wrapped in freshly made crepes and topped with a sweet and savoury sauce. Garnished with chopped peanuts and fresh garlic.

Pork Chicharon
Pork Chicharon

Tokwa’t Baboy
Deep-fried tofu and tender pork pieces with soy and vinegar dip.

Pork dumplings with dipping sauce of toyomansi and chili oil

Cebu Ngohiong
A special spring roll from Cebu City. Contains pork, fish, jicama and spices. Comes with a delicious dipping sauce made only for this item.

Thank you for choosing Zugba Flame Grilled Chicken. We appreciate your business.

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The next time you crave Zugba Flame Grilled Chicken but prefer to enjoy it at home or while out and about, please order for pickup or delivery by downloading our app using the link, or scanning the QR code. https://176838.com/Zugba

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The Best Restaurant in Surrey – Zugba Flame Grilled Chicken at 14351 104 Avenue (In the Henlong Market)

Tel: (604) 497-1697

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