Domino's Pizza Supports Local Restaurants by Buying Gift Cards of Local Restaurants and Distributing to their Customers!

Are you prepared to benefit from the growing “Buy Direct and Support Local” movement?

DeliveryBizConnect has been sharing “Buy Direct and Support Local” for almost 2 years now.

We offer all the technology required for your restaurant to take online and mobile orders, have your own branded mobile app your customers can used to track their delivery orders (DBC’s delivery fee is just 3.33% with a minimum $1 and maximum $2.50 charge) is your full online and mobile ordering platform. We save our average restaurant $50/day, or just over $18,000 per year by offering FREE pickup and 3.33% delivery only costing $99.99/month. (You only pay this in months your sales on our platform are over $500) If we don’t save you enough, we don’t charge you!

Can we help you start saving today?

We have our $199.99 DBC Sales Maximization package to get you started which includes your tablet for order handling and a great assortment of marketing materials to get you started. The best part is, even this $199.99 is money back guaranteed for 60 days.

Call or text us at 888-882-1853, we would be happy to help.