How to Post a Facebook Jobs Ad Using DeliveryBizConnect

- Before You Begin -

Before you can make a Facebook Jobs Ad, you need to create a FB Page for your new Food Delivery and Promotions Business

Facebook has a GREAT tutorial to teach you how to do this at:

Create a Facebook Page for Your Business | Facebook Business Help Center

We have made a handy Generic header graphic for you to Get Started with


- Create your FB Page -

- Step 1 -

Click Pages from your Profile Page

- Step 2 -

Click Create New Page

- Step 3 -

Fill in the Page Details with the Following

Page Name:

Deliverybizconnect – Houston (Put your city name here)


Food Delivery Service, Business Consultant, Information Technology Company


Restaurants Save $18,315.90/yr on Pickup & Delivery

Drivers Get Paid More

With DeliveryBizConnect’s 3.33% Delivery App

3.33% Rate is Guaranteed for 2 Years (min $1 max $2.50)

Simple 3 Step System

for Pickup & Delivery Savings

& Sales Growth

Click Create Page

- Step 4 -

Add Profile Picture

Right Click and Save this Image to use as your Pages profile Image

Add Cover Picture

Download the Image appropriate to your country below and upload for Cover Photo.

- You are Now Ready to Make Your Facebook Jobs Ad -

- Step 1 -

Open your Facebook account and go to Pages on your left menu.

- Step 2 -

Enter the page you manage and click Manage Jobs on the left menu. Click ‘Create Job.’

- Step 3 -

Facebook will generate a Facebook ad.

Enter the following details:
Job Details

Job Title:

Earn more than as a Delivery Driver for other major 3rd Party Food Delivery Apps

Work Location:

808 Courtland Ave E, Kitchener, ON N2C 1K3, Canada

Job Type:


Job Description:

ATTN: XXX***Put your city/suburb name here***XXX Food Delivery Drivers

Earn at Least 22% More Delivering for Us While Still Delivering for Others with Delivery Biz Connect

$4.99 base + Tip topped up to min. $9 per delivery + Long Trip Extra.

You are paid even more with:

• Stacked Orders

• Exclusive Driver Periods

Want to Earn Even When You are Not Delivering?

Build a Food Delivery Business with DeliveryBizConnect

Earn up to $6167.80/month by helping us grow by utilizing your dead time when out delivering! We will show you how doing 20 Deliveries per month with us can allow you to maintain an income at this level making you not just a driver, but a Food Delivery Business Owner:

• Earn $1 to $10 per brochure handed out to a restaurant

– We recommend handing brochure 2 doors on each side of the restaurant you are picking up from when on a call with another delivery service. Always be respectful.

• Earn 10% of Restaurants Monthly fee and Delivery Fees when the come on board with from your brochure.

– We handle all the calls and sales process, you just generate the lead.

Salary Range

Minimum Salary:


Maximum Salary:


Salary Type:

per month

Screening Questions:


Question Type:

Free Text


Please Visit the URL posted for more details. (REPLACE WITH YOUR AFFILIATE LINK

When are you available to start?
How many years of relevant experience do you have?
What is the best way to contact you?

Receive Applications by Email (optional)

Application Settings

Require Past Employment or Resume (turned off)


- Step 4 -

Change the landing page link at the bottom of Job Description and at the end of Question that says<youruniqueid>. Go to and Login to your SmallBizDream account.


- Step 5 -

Doublecheck  your affiliate URL is in place in the two required places at the bottom of Job Description and at the end of Question.

- Step 6 -

When done, click Next, then Post.

- Step 7 -

Place More Ads in areas close to you to increase your reach

Facebook job ads works off people close to the address posted within the job ad.

So for example if you live in Yaletown Vancouver, and put the address of the ad as your address in Yaletown Vancouver, you will attract FB users close to there.

In the case of Vancouver it is surrounded by other cities/suburbs of size over 50,000 population.

As a result we can place MORE ads in the area to attract more localized interest. 

If you use google maps and search for your cities/suburbs close to you, for example in Vancouver, I search google maps to find Downtown Vancouver


You would search for “downtown your town/city name”

Then zoom out until I see other city names start to appear.


The first ones I see are North Vancouver to the top and slightly right, and Burnaby to the right side of the map.

I search again for Downtown Burnaby, and zoom in until I see detail of a large cluster of restaurant and company names, or better yet office towers!

In this case I see Metrotower office complex and some google research shows me it is a huge office tower with many companies in it.

I click the name to get the address from google.

I use the address for my facebook ad 4370 Kingsway

Other tips to find addresses that make sense to those looking at your ad are to use Starbucks, or Regus shared offices in the area.

You can then place a jobs ad to any suburb/city/town close by in this manner and attract people around that location.