Marketing a Restaurant – Simple 5 Step Restaurant Marketing Plan

Restaurant Marketing Plan 

Increase Your Restaurant Sales 23% Over 6 Months

Proven 5 Step Restaurant Marketing Plan

Updated with 2022 Restaurant Marketing Strategies!
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Marketing a restaurant needs to be simple and needs to increase restaurant sales fast.

By following a Simple 5 Step System in our Marketing Plan for Restaurants, our clients have enjoyed:

  1. 23% increase in restaurant sales over 6 – 8 months by following our free proprietary simple 5 step system

  2. Staff Optimization leading to higher sales with less stress on stretched thin staff.

  3. $18,315.90/year in reduced restaurant online ordering, pickup and delivery fees.

  4. Customer database of thousands of contacts automatically collected with a restaurant CRM insulating them from future lockdowns or recessions.

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Our Comprehensive yet Simple 5 Step Restaurant Marketing Plan has evolved over the last 17 years of helping restaurants implement restaurant marketing plans to rapidly increase restaurant sales.

Here is some history on what we learned with our restaurant customers along the way.

Before the Pandemic

  1. Restaurant takeout and delivery used to be the territory of Pizza Restaurants and Chinese/Asian Restaurants.
  2. Expensive third-party delivery apps like UberEATS, Skip the Dishes, Just Eat, and Postmates compelled restaurants to agree a 30% of order pickup/delivery fee made sense due to the savings over dine in staffing and serving costs.
  3. Most take-out and delivery orders were placed over the phone costing value time of staff and prone to a lot of errors.
  4. A restaurant online ordering system or a restaurant ordering website were thought to be expensive and of little value to restaurants.
  5. Restaurant customer data was not collected, nor considered important by most restaurants, and restaurant CRM software was unheard of as regular customers just came back and traditional advertising helped find new customers.

Marketing a Restaurant During the Pandemic

Many restaurants went broke when they were forced into lockdown or are still on the verge.

Many through Uber Eats, Doordash etc. was all they needed for marketing. They had no choice but to join and didn’t increase their menu prices to handle the high 30% fees these apps charge.

They LOST a lot of money to “buy back” their own customers.

Many did not and still do not have an effective marketing plan including:

  • Contact information of their customers (customer database)
  • Their own controllable restaurant website
  • Their own controllable online ordering system for pickup
  • A cost-effective way to offer restaurant delivery.

After the Pandemic

  • 2022 has shown many restaurants are short staffed and not able to make enough in a single seating to be profitable.
  • Many smaller restaurants have made the mistake of trying to stop doing restaurant takeout and delivery orders and focus on their dine-in business.
  • Strangely, all the big restaurant chains have doubled and tripled down on pickup and delivery ordering.
  • Many restaurant owners are not aware of how much less staff is required to handle a properly arranged take-out menu. (HINT: not all your normal items should be available for pickup or delivery!)

Want to know a marketing where most of the negatives can be turned into positives?

Check out our Simple 5 Step Restaurant Marketing Plan and start working your way out of the current always busy but struggling to make money situation so many of our clients used to face.

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