Office takeout luncheon special

office takeout luncheon

Office takeout luncheon specials can be just the thing your restaurant needs to drive massive high profitability orders during lunch hour if you are close to a business district.

Office people don’t have much time during lunch breaks so they want a fast and easy way to get their food. 

If you’re a fast casual or fast food restaurant, this won’t be a problem. 

But what if you have too many (or too few) customers, or a more complicated menu? 

You need a takeout solution for lunch to maximize sales and not turn away a single time crunched restaurant office worker customer.

Having an individual restaurant customer come and pickup a takeout order to eat at the office is a good start. 

Want to ramp it up? Offer the ultimate office takeout luncheon specials.

Create predetermined office takeout luncheon specials for 4, 8, and 12 people. Offer only limited customizable options to keep them simple and fast to prepare. SPEED IS KEY to office takeout luncheon specials.

Get creative with your office takeout specials to keep kitchen labour low, and the ability to pre-prep for fast production at a max. Think of a big pot of stew, curry, or soups which just need a scoop of mashed potatoes or some rice with some mixed vegetables to be ready to go out the door.

Cold sandwiches, wraps, and sushi rolls can also be prepped in advance to increase your office takeout luncheon offerings

You could take the orders old school by taking phone orders and delivering menus to offices nearby, (labor intensive) or use a mobile app like and take orders on autopilot.