Restaurant Online Ordering System
with Restaurant CRM

Increases your dine-in & take-out sales 23% or $6900/month in 6 - 8 months

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"42% of customers say the ability to order online would make them choose a restaurant" according to the National Restaurant Association"

(Our Restaurant Online Ordering System with Restaurant CRM is Money Back Guaranteed for 60 Days)

Restaurant Online Ordering System - Why You Need Your Own

“42% of customers say the ability to order online would make them choose a restaurant according to the National Restaurant Association”

  1. Online ordering platform will Increase Your Restaurant’s Sales
  2. Online ordering systems improve your in-store experience and reduce staffing costs by freeing up staff from taking telephone orders
  3. An online ordering platform can help make your marketing efforts perform better (check out our pricing page to see how we can help your web presence and get top spot on Google and Bing, as well as assist you with your restaurant digital marketing)
  4. Your own restaurant online ordering system allows you to collect and control the data for marketing
  5. Online ordering Systems SAVE money

DeliveryBizConnect's Online Ordering System with Restaurant CRM
What is Included?

  1. Included pre-programmed order handling tablet ($149 value)
  2. Online ordering system – Pick-Up or Delivery Menus Built for you ($300 value)
  3. Restaurant mobile ordering – Pick-Up or Delivery Branded to YOUR restaurant, our app, your Logo ($1500 value) 
    1. Restaurant Phone Orders Handling 
    2. Automatic Open / Closed Feature 
    3. Dine-In Touchless Food Ordering by QR code or Short URL.
    4. Use your own drivers for Free, or Our premium drivers for 3.33%.(Priceless) 
    5. Automatic Data Collection
  4. 3-page editable website ($1500 value)
restaurant online ordering system with restaurant crm

Restaurant CRM – Promotion Builder- Increases Sales 23%

1 piece of customer data can increase your annual sales by $26.65 when used with a Restaurant CRM

Our CRM helps you automatically collect your customer data from Dine-in, Pickup and Delivery Customers to be used in automated email/text/push notification campaigns to increase restaurant sales.

  1. Automated Follow-Up of Customers
    1. SMS marketing
    2. Text (txt) marketing
    3. Push notification marketing
    4. Email marketing
    5. Email campaigns
    6. Mailing list / Newsletter
  2. Promotions Engine
    1. Happy Hour Notifications
    2. Invite them to order take-out again
    3. Invite them to try new menu items
    4. Invite them to order in your slow times
    5. Invite them to order before kitchen closes.
  3. Sales Funnels for Advertising Campaigns
  4. Website Builder

Restaurant Website Included

  1. Automatic 3 page website (customizable)
  2. Restaurant online ordering system attached automatically.
  3. Perfect for small restaurants without a website to control the narrative with Yelp, Zomato, Foursquare, Zagat and TripAdvisor.
  4. Perfect for large restaurants who need to leverage their existing customer data and increase data collection.

Mobile App with Mobile Ordering System is Branded to your Restaurant

  1. Our app, your logo, your branding, your data
  2. Mobile Food Ordering platform for pick-up or delivery
  3. Your customers can track your driver on deliveries
  4. 2 way communication through push notifications
  5. Loyalty program.