Family size takeout special

Restaurant order percentage discount has always been the most profitable upsell strategy not just for restaurants but for all kinds of businesses.

Though it has become a less popular option with high delivery fees etc. it can still do wonders for dine-in customer retention. 

If you have your own online ordering system like or other where you control your restaurant data and do not pay a fee on takeout orders, a restaurant order percentage discount is still a great strategy for takeout orders as well.

The secret is in the presentation of the percentage discount offer which requires a little bit of creativity. 

Instead of just putting up order percentage discount numbers, say things like, “Are you hungry?”, “Do you love free food?”, “Do you love saving money?” and then offer a restaurant order percentage discount offer for down the line like a 10% to 15% discount for an order over $50 placed within two weeks of a dine in experience. 

It’s great for promotion and building customer loyalty at the same time. You cannot underestimate the effectiveness and simplicity of this restaurant order percentage discount marketing technique.