Takeout happy hour

takeout happy hour

Takeout happy hour works well if you have a limited space but don’t want to turn away customers during happy hour.

You can offer takeout customers a discount on your regular takeout menu at your busiest dine- in times.

The only difference is the place they eat your restaurant food. (they won’t be in your restaurant!)

Your restaurant has to be set up with an efficient kitchen and enough staff to handle the extra takeout load a takeout happy hour will generate. However, this is a lot less complicated and expensive than trying to expand your restaurant for more seating and more front of house staff.

You can promote creative ways to sell the takeout happy hour concept. Maybe Dinner with a Friend, encouraging them to grab take out and head to a friends for dinner. Maybe at home date night, or dinner at the beach. 

You may think it is somewhat challenging but takeout happy hour can generate a massive increase in restaurant sales when done with a little bit of creativity.