What is Included in DeliveryBizConnect?

Only $99/month with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee

($349 Setup Fee and commissions waived until the restrictions are fully lifted)

1. Online Order Menu Page

  1. Use our Menu/Order page instantly
  2. Embed Menu/Order page into your website with a little HTML knowledge.
  3. Closed Feature allows you to set your open hours and menu goes on and off automatically.

2. Mobile App Branded to your Restaurant for your Customers

  1. Place Orders for Pick-Up or Delivery
  2. Customer can track your driver on deliveries
    Restaurant Check-in
  3. Function for New World friendly dine in data handling
  4. 2 way communication through push notifications.

3. Order Handling Interface – All Order Types Same, Seamless Interface

  1. Phone Orders – Fast Data Entry for New Customers, Even FASTER for existing customers, Pick-Up or Delivery.
  2. Online Orders – Pick-Up or Delivery
  3. Mobile App Orders – Pick-Up or Delivery
  4. Walk-Up Orders – Fast Data Entry for New Customers, Even FASTER for existing customers, Pick-Up or Delivery

4. Delivery Handling Interface

  1. Pre-Paid Delivery Orders
  2. Paid upon Delivery Orders (not recommended during this crisis)
  3. Route Optimization for multiple delivery orders
  4. Multiple drivers Supported

5. Driver App

  1. You can track your driver while on his route
  2. Customers can see how long until their order arrives.
  3. Your staff can easily learn to do deliveries

5. Check-In Function

Stay ahead of the curve for this New World data collection, have customers check-in with 1 button when they come for dine-in or pick-up.

6. Simple Contact / Newsletter Website

  1. 3 Page website automatically built from your DeliveryBizConnect Listing Details
  2. You can add your Menu to this.
  3. Perfect for the Small Restaurant that doesn’t have a website and needs one for Yelp etc.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

  1. Automated Follow-Up of Customers
    1. Invite them to order take-out again
    2. Invite them to try new menu items
    3. Invite them to order in your slow times
    4. Invite them to order before kitchen closes.
  2. Sales Funnels for Advertising Campaigns
  3. Website Builder