How to Increase Your Delivery While COVID Restrictions Decrease

We saw the rise of food delivery services when we entered this new reality. But as we try to push back into pre-pandemic times, will food delivery become optional again? In this article, we’ll open up the possibility of increasing food delivery as we try to come out of this pandemic, not only as a side hustle but as a stable means of income.

Offer Drivers a More Stable Means of Income

There are a couple of reasons why third-party app drivers quit: not enough driving opportunities and low pay. The majority of third-party app drivers get around this by driving for multiple app companies, not just one. They make up for the low rates by doing as many deliveries as humanly possible.

But as more restrictions are lifted and demand for delivery diminishes, they’ll reach a point where working for these third-party apps becomes unsustainable. With the current pay drivers get from third-party apps, they need at least 3 deliveries or around $12/hr (C$15/hr) to live off doing deliveries. Otherwise, they might consider looking for another job.

Drivers who want a more stable income would probably do so working full time with established restaurants and food chains – Wendy’s, Dominos Pizza, McDonald’s to name a few. However, there’s a slim chance drivers are ever going to get full-time jobs with most small independent restaurants as they’re already struggling with razor-thin margins.

So what’s the solution? It’s quite simple. We make each delivery worth their time and effort. DeliveryBizConnect offers a much better pay for our driver friends – $4.99 base pay topped to $9 after tip on EACH DELIVERY. That’s more than double compared to what major third-party apps have to offer.

On top of that, they earn extra for doing long trips and taking stacked orders. But that’s not all. Towards the end we’ll show you how drivers earn residual income as a DeliveryBizConnect driver.

Get More Drivers Working in Your Area

Having enough drivers is critical in increasing deliveries for you restaurant. We’ve already taken cared of the low pay issue with major third-party delivery apps and you won’t have to worry about having an efficient delivery system, i.e. delivery app, driver app, driver matching service, online ordering, POS, and a full restaurant CRM. DeliveryBizConnect has you covered at just 3.33% delivery cost compared to 30% or more with major third-party delivery apps.

Putting an entire fleet of drivers on a payroll probably isn’t going to work unless you’re running a cab business. Instead, what you can do is get the word out and encourage delivery drivers in your area to become a DeliveryBizConnect driver. We’ll teach them how to become a top DeliveryBizConnect driver and at the same time earn residual income by having more drivers jump in as well.

Attract More Drivers to Your Restaurant

If you’ve done your part getting the word out, by this time you’d probably have enough drivers at your beck and call in your area. DeliveryBizConnect offers driver matching service where we match drivers to the nearest restaurant. It’s like having your very own Uber Eats minus the 30% plus commission fees.

Now here’s the neat part. You as the restaurant owner get to choose how much drivers get from the delivery fee set by you in the Small Business Dream back office (the technology that powers DeliveryBizConnect), tips from customers paid online (you can split them up between your staff and your driver, a.k.a split tipping), and how much they earn extra for doing long trips.

Note:  online payments go straight to your account and you only spend system access fee of $99/month and 3.33% delivery cost on each delivery.

And if that’s not good enough, we also offer exclusive driving hours where you can lock to specific drivers in your area. It’s also a good way to build partnerships with your driver friends allowing them to earn a stable income doing deliveries for your restaurant.

How you get more drivers working for you is completely up to you, e.g., pay higher than other restaurants, use time vs. distance or vice versa for long trips, bonuses, and so on. You have full control on everything.

Provide Drivers Opportunities to Earn Residual Income

Believe it or not DeliveryBizConnect drivers can actually earn money without doing a SINGLE delivery. We offer not 1 but 6 income streams which includes getting more drivers into the system, having more restaurants and customers use DeliveryBizConnect, and residual income for every single order customers make on the app. In fact, they can earn as much as $6,157.10/month within 12 months of just doing 20 deliveries/month for DeliveryBizConnect!

Income Stream #1Do Just Deliveries
Income Stream #2Get More Restaurants Onboard
Income Stream #3First Driver Advantage
Income Stream #4Get More Drivers Onboard
Income Stream #5Get More Users Onboard
Income Stream #6Become a District Manager
DBC Driver Orientation

Use Third-party Delivery Apps as Your Backup

Seeing these numbers can easily get delivery drivers fired up and start looking for more drivers and restaurants in your area. But let’s take a step back. You don’t have as many DeliveryBizConnect drivers as you need just yet and you’re a little shorthanded in terms of delivery drivers. What do you do?

Of course, we turn to our trusty old friend Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Skip the Dishes.  We’re not ditching third-party delivery apps altogether. As it turns out, they can be a great backup when no other delivery drivers are in the area.

They’re also great as a customer acquisition tool. Just remember to remind them how much they’d cost your restaurant and your driver friends if they keep using it.

DeliveryBizConnect allows you to set an alternate food delivery service, usually the ones you’re currently using right now.

That way you can keep those delivery orders coming until you have enough DeliveryBizConnect drivers in your area. Note: the faster drivers are able to grow their bubble in your area, the more you’ll save in delivery charges.

Increase Your Restaurant Sales NOW!

It’s never too late to start your own food delivery service. Book an appointment with us for a 30-minute Complimentary Restaurant Sales Expert Call. At DeliveryBizConnect we’re committed to help restaurant owners stay on top of things and increase sales like never before.