How to do Telephone Orders and Delivery by your own Staff

Incoming Orders for Take-Out and Staff Delivery

Telephone Delivery Orders | Self Delivery Maximizes YOUR Margins

Hi, and thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about DeliveryBizConnect and how efficient taking telephone orders can be.

Telephone Orders from Existing Customers

We’re going to select ‘Delivery’ and then the first thing we’re going to do is put in the person’s phone number. As we type the phone number you’ll see the system starts looking for matches. We’re going to click ‘Use Data’ and it’ll automatically bring in the address.

If we know that he’s going to prepay we can use the ‘Prepay’ button, but if we know that we’re going to charge him at delivery, we can also do that. If we scroll to the bottom, we’ll see that he’s ordered from us 3 times in the past and we can see everything he’s ordered, but we can instantly go to the ‘Order Now’ button.

Adding a New Order

On the ‘Order Now’ we’re simply going to go to the menu that we’ve pre-prepared of the items we’re selling and hit ‘Order Now.’ From here your staff will print the ticket so it can get to the kitchen to be created (just a normal print dialog that can go right to your existing ticket printer). When that’s done you click ‘Close & Add a New Order’ and you would be done.

Telephone Orders from New Customers

Let’s take a look at that same situation where it’s a phone order, it’s for delivery, and we’re going to collect payment after the fact. We start with a phone number search, but this time we don’t find anybody. We start to put in the email and tries to find somebody, but because this is, again, a new customer we don’t have anybody to be found.

We’re going to go in and we are going to say that this is Fred Wilson. We put in the whole name but as we hit Tab it automatically splits it to ‘Fred’ and ‘Wilson’ separately. We then go put in the unit number. We know that this person lives at 4009 and the street address, 33 Smithe Street (or Smithe Mews, whichever). We select it and hit ‘Save Contact’.

Adding a New Order

As we hit ‘Save Contact’, we now hit ‘Order Now’, exactly the same as if you were doing an order of somebody who was already in. The follow through of the process with printing the ticket and everything else is exactly the same.