Simple Restaurant Website - Create/Update Yours

Simple restaurant website

A Simple restaurant website is your first impression. It does not need to be huge or complicated. 

A few simple web pages empower you to control your own story on the internet instead of being at the mercy of Yelp etc.

A simple restaurant website improves customer loyalty as they can be easily bookmarked to come back to.

Your website coupled with an email marketing list can help you keep guests informed and coming back over and over.

A simple restaurant website should include at least:

  1. Your story and a few pictures of your restaurant and food
  2. Your restaurant contact us page including
    1. Restaurant phone number
    2. Restaurant email
    3. Contact form
    4. Link to Google Review Page
    5. Link to Facebook Page to get likes
    6. Address
    7. Map 
  3. Your restaurant online ordering link – goes to your online ordering platform of choice
  4. Your Menu – a link to pictures of your paper menu can do to start
  5. Link to restaurant reservations page – goes to your reservation system if you have one
Do not overcomplicate your simple restaurant website. Get started, it can grow over time.
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