Restaurant Customer Data - Hijack it for your own Restaurant Mailing List

restaurant customer data

Third party delivery apps do not share your restaurant customer data with you.

You likely do not want to hear the reason why.

Your restaurant customer data is too valuable to them.

If it is so valuable to them, they keep it from you, what could it be possibly worth to you?

Would you believe a $26.65/year annual increase in your restaurant sales per piece of opted in marketing friendly customer data?

An average 30 seat restaurant collects 1500 pieces of such data automatically in just three months with a restaurant CRM and a small bit of know how.

But there’s a clever way to hijack restaurant customer data from 3rd party delivery apps using a restaurant CRM with an online ordering and delivery system.

If this sounds new to you, it’s because no one has ever done it (not even major 3rd party delivery apps). DeliveryBizConnect allows restaurant owners to get the best of both worlds. 

One way to ‘Hijack’ customer data from 3rd party delivery apps is by offering 3rd party app users low cost, high perceived value freebies on their first order through DeliveryBizConnect or another restaurant online ordering system or restaurant mobile app where you are in control of your restaurant data. 

As they choose to take advantage of your great offer to either dine-in, pickup, or use your alternate delivery service, you automatically gain their customer data.

Now you get everything from names, addresses, and contact information and you can use for future marketing with your restaurant CRM.

Need your own automatic restaurant data collecting online ordering platform to help boost your pickup, delivery, AND dine-in sales?

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