Collecting and Using CUSTOMER DATA is Crucial for Survival during Re-opening

Restaurant customer data is extremely crucial to make the pivot in this new reality. Your ability to generate more income apart from your dine-ins hinges on this, not just today but this point forward. The new reality has rules. Just like in any game, you need to follow these rules or you lose. In this […]

The Proven 7 Step Restaurant Owners “New World” Survival Plan

Dennis M. Wilson and Craig Peloquin share The Proven 7 Step Restaurant “New World” Survival Plan for Restaurant Owners and Managers. Step 1: Collect Customer Data.Step 2: Pre-Paid Online Orders for Pick-upStep 3: Contactless Orders at Pick-upStep 4: Take and Bake Bulk Menu ItemsStep 5: Third Party Delivery Apps Popular in Your AreaStep 6: Begin […]