Collecting and Using CUSTOMER DATA is Crucial for Survival during Re-opening

Restaurant customer data is extremely crucial to make the pivot in this new reality. Your ability to generate more income apart from your dine-ins hinges on this, not just today but this point forward.

The new reality has rules. Just like in any game, you need to follow these rules or you lose. In this case, you lose your restaurant for not collecting and utilizing  restaurant customer data.

Your staff will also have to adapt to this new reality or you’ll lose your shirt. You got to collect customer data! Period.


Re-opening on a minor capacity doesn’t solve everything. If anything, it only adds to your problem if you don’t have online ordering, takeouts and/or delivery service already in place.

Your ability to collect and utilize customer data is super critical to your survival.

DeliveryBizConnect integrates CRM into your check-ins, enabling you to have 83% conversion rate on your list and an additional 25% increase in sales.

Start taking online orders vs. just phone and walk-up orders and increase your restaurant sales by 30%, plus another 11% thru mobile app orders – absolutely 0% commission fee!

Do takeouts and do your own deliveries thru the Driver App to get 20% more sales.

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