Thanksgiving Day Menu for Takeout and Delivery

Restaurants are picking up the pace with only days ahead of Thanksgiving Day. We might as well give you some ideas for your Thanksgiving Day menu and get your creative juices flowing.

See How Simple Online Orders are for your Customers

Online Orders are Simple So how do your customers place an order with you online with DeliveryBizConnect online menu? Initial Order Page First of all, they could come to the site that we give you as part of the system, click the ‘Menu’ button and be brought to your Initial Order page or you could […]

What Happens When you are Closed for Online Orders

Closed for Online Orders People often ask us, “What do you do when your restaurant’s closed? How do you stop the online orders?” In DeliveryBizConnect it’s really simple. You can simply hit the ‘Disable’ button and that will actually turn off the ability for people to order, or you can actually click the ‘Auto Schedule’ […]