Restaurant CRM Software + Restaurant Customer Data Increases Sales $26.65/contact/year!

Restaurant CRM software (customer relationship management) coupled with a restaurant online ordering system or restaurant ordering website to automatically collect and utilize your customer database have become a necessity to increase restaurant sales and reduce staffing costs. – Dennis Wilson, Expert Restaurant Consultant A simple 1000-contact restaurant customer database could increase your restaurant sales $26,650/year. […]

Restaurant CRM for Dummies

CRM Customer Relationship Management for Restaurant Dummies

Restaurant CRM For Dummies suggests a restaurant CRM is like a super-smart, super helpful computer robot friend for your restaurant. It helps you remember all the different things you need to do for sales and marketing, and keeps track of who your restaurant customers are. A good restaurant CRM will even collect your customers contact […]

A Restaurant CRM can Increase your Restaurant Sales by 23%… Automatically!

Restaurant CRM helps you increase your restaurant sales by at least 23%. Restaurant CRM, the best part is when coupled with a Restaurant Online Ordering platform where you control your own restaurant customer data can help you make dine-in restaurant customer data collection automatic! Restaurants using a restaurant CRM, marketing automation, and online/mobile ordering software […]

How Can’s Restaurant Consulting Team Help Your Restaurant? helps restaurants rapidly grow from Step 1 to Step 5 of our Rapid Restaurant Sales Growth – A Proven 5 Stage Restaurant Marketing Plan. Need help increasing your restaurant sales 23% or $6900/month per 30 seats within 6 to 8 months? First, we help restaurants by enabling them with a restaurant CRM and automated […]