What is DeliveryBizConnect?

DeliveryBizConnect in the New Reality

DeliveryBizConnect and How it is Helping So Many Restaurant Owners With Dine-In, Delivery and Take-Out Sales.

https://DeliveryBizConnect.com offers restaurants 3.33% deliveries vs the 20%+ of the other apps in addition to FREE Pickup orders.

An added benefit is we assist in compliance for collecting customer data at the door and keep it painless for skeptical staff. DeliveryBizConnect’s CRM converts 83% of Covid Tracing data to restaurants update list subscribers generating a 25% increase in sales. 

DeliveryBizConnect also helps you increase restaurant Sales 30% with your own online Take-Out order page vs. phone orders.

The added benefit of making your online take-out order with DeliveryBizConnect in the New Reality is it enables you to do No-Touch QR Code Contactless Dine In ordering saving you on labour costs.

Mobile App orders generate another 11% for take-out orders, and make Check-in data handling simple.

Want to really use all DeliveryBizConnect’s features? Use our included 3.33% delivery service and save $18,315.90 annually over other more expesive apps. You can even do local deliveries with your own staff with Driver App allowing you to hire drivers not completely familiar with the area to drive increasing profit 20% with higher customer satisfaction.

https://deliverybizconnect.com is where you can learn more about DeliveryBizConnect