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Welcome to Full Cup Catering! We’re a traditional full-service catering company that knows how to bring the deliciousness to your event. We take pride in serving only the freshest ingredients, and we source locally whenever possible to ensure that every dish is top-quality.

We will give you a number of affordable menus to choose from. We are happy to personalize a menu for any and all special requests. Also we will take care of the delivery and utensils, leaving you with more time to organize other important things and to enjoy the event without having to worry about the quality and quantity of food.

Syrian Gourmet is located at 14727 108 Avenue Surrey, British Columbia V3R 1V9 Canada

Syrian Gourmet's Featured Menu Items

Appetizers - المقبلات

  • Baba Ghanoush 8 oz – بابا غنوش – Irresistibly smooth & luxurious, smoky, & savory. Consisting of smoke-grilled & mashed eggplant, olive oil, & tahini
  • Hummus 8 oz – حمص – These Cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, lemon juice, & olive oil
  • Tabbouleh Salad 12 oz – تبولة – Made mostly of finely chopped parsley, with tomatoes, mint, onion, bulgur, & seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, salt & sweet pepper
  • Yalanji 100 pcs – ورق عنب – Catering Price: Yalanji 100pcs – ورق عنب
  • Yalanji 50 pcs – ورق عنب – Catering Price: Yalanji 50pcs – ورق عنب
  • Yalanji per pc – ورق عنب – A vessel of vine leaves rolled around a delicious stuffing of rice, vegtables, syrian spices, & pomegranate molasses

Pantry & Cold Dishes - الأطباق الباردة

  • Kibbeh 8 pcs – كبة – A mixture of bulgur wheat, onions, minced beef, parsley, & pomegranate molasses to make for a delicious stuffing
  • Makdous per lb – مكدوس الباذنجان – A staple item in the Syrian cuisine, olive-oil cured vegan stuffed eggplant with a red pepper, chilli, walnut & garlic filling
  • Shish Barak 12 pcs – شوشبراك – stuffed with minced beef meet, parsley, onion & cooked in a plain yogurt stew. Crowned with the subtle aromas of the mint, cilantro & garlic

Savoury Oven Delicacies - الفرن السوري

  • Fatayer per pc – Baked Pies – فطاير – Freshly baked savory pies in a light yeast-based crust filled with various stuffings
  • Mana’eish per pc – مناقيش – Traditional white flatbread with all sorts of toppings. Hand tossed & pressed dough. A delicious thin crust baked fresh in our oven

Sweet Syrian Delicacies - حلويات سورية شهية

  • Baklava Sweets – بقلاوة – Flaky phyllo dough pastry filled with nuts (Assorted Baklava  – بقلاوة مشكل )
  • Sweet Syrian Delights – حلويات شرقية
  • Syrian Ma’amoul & Cookies – بسكويت و معمول
  • Assorted Baklava per lb – بقلاوة مشكل – Filo, walnut, cashews, pistachio, ghee, and syrup. Each order comes with one pound.
  • Assorted Ma’amoul Cookies per lb – معمول مشكل
  • Awameh per lb – عوامة – These puffy pastry bubble balls are sweet, soft & moist from the inside, but crunchy from the outside. Also called “Sweet Middle Eastern Dumplings”
  • Barazek Sesame Cookies per lb – برازق – Crispy , sesame seeds on one side, & pistachio chunks studded on the other side
  • Basbousa per lb –  بسبوسة – A sweet sugar rose water syrup-soaked semolina cake made with semolina flour & coconuts
  • Cashew Baklava per lb – بقلاوة كاجو
  • Cheese Rolls per lb – حلاوة الجبن – Made of a semolina & cheese dough, filled with cream, & dressed with a sprinkle of pistachios
  • Dates Brownies per lb – تمر بالمكسرات – Fudgy brownies the Syrian way. Made of dates and mixed nuts
  • Kataifi Baklava per lb –  بللورية – نوفا – مبرومة – Vermicelli-like spun pastry filled with nuts
  • Kunafeh – كنافة بالجبنة – Vermicelli-like spun pastry kataifi soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup, layered with cheese & clotted cream
  • Lazy Cake Biscuits per lb – بسكويت بالشوكولا
  • Lousina per lb – لوزينا – Almond paste pastry stuffed with pistachios
  • Ma’amoul Dates per lb – معمول تمر
  • Ma’amoul Pistachios per lb – معمول فستق
  • Ma’amoul Walnuts per lb – معمول جوز
  • Mushabbak per lb –  مشبك – A reminiscent of the funnel cake. Its golden batter is crispy on the outside, soft & syrupy on the inside
  • Namoura per lb – نمورة – A sweet sugar rose water syrup-soaked semolina cake made with semolina flour, pistachios, & cashews
  • Petite Fours per lb – بيتي فور – Thin butter cookies for a melt in your mouth kind of feel. Tips are dipped in chocolate for a festive taste & feel
  • Pistachio Baklava per lb – بقلاوة فستق
  • Walnut Baklava per lb – بقلاوة جوز
  • Warbat – Jumbo Creme Triangular Baklava per lb – وربات كريم
  • Warbat – Jumbo Pistachio Triangular Baklava per pc – وربات فستق
  • Warbat – Jumbo Walnut Triangular Baklava per pc – وربات جوز

Syrian Hot Platters & Main Dishes - الأطباق الرئيسية

  • Pre-order Required – الأطباق الرئيسية مسبقة الطلب – Order these meals a day in advance. That’s because we’re all about freshness! Every dish is cooked to order
  • Dawood Basha platter – داود باشا – Beef meatballs stewed with fresh tomatos in tomato sauce along with grilled onions and a side of rice (يشمل رز)
  • Dolma 6 pcs – دولما – A family of rice stuffed vegetables. A mix of: Zucchini ( كوسى ), Eggplant ( باذنجان ), Potato ( بطاطا ), Bell Pepper ( فلفل حلو ), & Onion (بصل )
  • Kebab Skewers platter – صحن كباب – Served with a side of rice يشمل رز & your choice of two skewers
  • Kousa B Laban 6 pcs – كوسى بلبن – Zucchini stuffed with our prefectly seasoned minced beef and dipped in cooked yogurt
  • Lahmajin platter – صحن لحم عجين – Minced Beef & Herbs Baked Thin Crust. Served with rice, pita bread, salad, pickles, & your choice of hummus or baba ghanoush dip
  • Mnazeleh platter –  منزلة – Eggplant stuffed with our prefectly seasoned minced beef and mixed with fresh vegetables. Nicely grilled in the oven to be dipped in light tomato sauce
  • Shawarma Arabi platter – شاورما عربي – Chicken wrapped in saj “Tava” bread. Served with with garlic dip, tabolueh salad and hummus dip
  • Vegetarian Mana’eish platter – مناقيش – Baked thin crust flatbread. Split in half between Zatar  & Mhammara (محمرة) toppings

Syrian Wraps & Sandwiches - السندويشات

  • Chicken Shawarma Wrap – ساندويش شاورما دجاج – Also known as Donair. Flavored with a savory garlicky yogurt sauce
  • Kebab Sandwich – ساندويش كباب – Your choice of either Chicken  or Beef (لحم)
  • Lahmajin Wrap – ساندويش لحم عجين – Minced beef & herbs. Seasoned to delight your taste buds
  • Zaatar Wrap – ساندويش زعتر – Thyme Wrap. A savory stuffing of dried thyme & sesame joined together by olive oil

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