DeliveryBizConnect Offers Hope to Thousands of Restaurant Owners

The current surge in COVID cases has caused a lot of anxiety all across Canada and no one is feeling the pain of the recent shutdowns more than restaurant owners as the rules keep shifting and restaurants need to find new and inventive ways to keep from going bankrupt.

Many experts believe we have entered the third wave as governments impose yet another series of lockdowns across the country, trying to stop the virus’s spread.

So how do we make sense of this and what can we do to tide us over until we’re ready to open again?

More Transmissible Variants

Restaurants have opened for almost a year now under COIVD restrictions, often accruing high costs to comply with the new guidelines. However, this time it’s different. Cases are going up despite all the measures to curb its spread.

Brazil’s death toll which now includes younger people has hit a seven-day average of 2,710, totaling north of 60,000 in March – this, after hopes of acquiring herd immunity in the previous waves. If it wasn’t evident already, the new variant goes to show our fight against the pandemic is far from over.

Restaurant owners are now restricted to outdoor dining or take-out only.  While the weather is improving, most people won’t want to dine outdoors so take out is the only option.

Most restaurants have transitioned to some type of delivery system whether it’s through a third-party delivery app or another system. For most, this system is yet another cost that doesn’t make any sense but with DeliveryBizConnect, you now have options.

A Silver Lining for Restaurant Owners

DeliveryBizConnect is the first and only Restaurant CRM that offers a complete solution for restaurant owners which include:

  • POS
  • Online Ordering
  • Mobile App
  • Driver App
  • Driver Matching Service
  • Route Optimization
  • Exclusive Driver Hours
  • Split-tipping (tip the restaurant or the driver, or both)
  • Online/Cashless Payment
  • Push Notifications
  • Joint Venture (JV) Module (for promos and referral program)

It’s like having the power of your very own Uber Eats – all of these features at just 3.33% per delivery compared to 15-30% commission fees of major third-party apps.

Watch our video to see how DeliveryBizConnect can help thousands of restaurants, including yours, by lowering delivery costs and being in control of your restaurant business.

We Can Win This Fight Together

At DeliveryBizConnect, we are unlike the other monolithically third-party delivery apps that take money out of the local communities without adding anything of value to your neighbourhood restaurant.

While many restaurant owners are worried about the future, you can use this opportunity to get ahead by becoming top-of-mind through mobile and online orders in times when many restaurants aren’t available for food customers – thousands of them waiting for you to have their food delivered.

Winning this fight against COVID won’t be easy. But with things like DeliveryBizConnect, we certainly can.

When we finally get out of this, you’ll be much better positioned with online order and delivery capabilities like many top-level restaurants (think Dominos and Chipotle) – these without spending millions of dollars in software and app development.

If you need any help on how to jumpstart your own food delivery service, feel free to book an appointment with us for a 30-minute Complimentary Restaurant Sales Expert Call. We’re on a mission to help restaurant owners get back on their feet and increase sales like never before.