10 Quick and Easy Recipes for Mother’s Day

If you grew up in a traditional home, then you know moms do most of the cooking. Well today, it’s the other way around.   This Mother’s Day, we want all moms to feel special by returning a favor for all the work they’ve done for us. And of course, what better way to impress […]

Are Ghost Kitchens the Future of Restaurants?

Ghost kitchens had been the buzz since the pandemic hit and people had been asking whether ghost kitchens really are the future of restaurants. Euromonitor recently predicted cloud kitchens could be a $1 trillion market by 2030. U.S. currently has 1,500 ghost kitchens across the country, China with 7,500, and India with 3,500. In this […]

DeliveryBizConnect Offers Hope to Thousands of Restaurant Owners

The current surge in COVID cases has caused a lot of anxiety all across Canada and no one is feeling the pain of the recent shutdowns more than restaurant owners as the rules keep shifting and restaurants need to find new and inventive ways to keep from going bankrupt. Many experts believe we have entered […]

How Much Money Can Drivers Make With DeliveryBizConnect?

Can Delivery Drivers Make a Living Driving for DeliveryBizConnect? Delivery drivers are the backbone of this gig economy particularly in the food delivery service industry. Ironically, they are also among the most underrated, underpaid workforce in the labour market. In this article, we’ll talk about driving for DeliveryBizConnect and how we can turn the tables […]

How Our Delivery App Match Drivers To Restaurants

Finding a great low cost food delivery system that works for restaurants, drivers, and customers may seem next to impossible. There’s always some kind of trade off. In other words, you win some, you lose some. Not anymore. In this article we’re going to explore perhaps one of the greatest – and fairest – breakthrough […]

DIY vs. Outsourcing Your Restaurant’s Food Delivery Service

As we enter 2021, many restaurants are faced with the question: should we continue to pay the exorbitant third-party app fees or take matters into our own hands? As it turns out, there’s no straightforward answer. However, in this article, we’ll help you make informed decisions by offering both sides and see which among the […]

Why Delivery App Drivers Are Mobbing Restaurants In Busy Pickup Times

The restaurant industry has always been a feast or famine business. Before COVID, if you were full between the hours of 6 and 9, you were a success. While the pandemic has changed some things in the industry, the dinner rush isn’t one of them. When you used to go into a restaurant, you could […]

How to Lower My Restaurant Delivery Cost to 3.33%/Order with DeliveryBizConnect

Imagine having an 80% or more savings over your restaurant delivery cost with the mainstream delivery apps and their hefty 20% to 30% fee on the order total. DeliveryBizConnect has developed an App providing a Restaurant and Delivery Driver Matching Service saving Restaurants 80% on their Delivery cost compared to major 3rd party apps. If […]

How Restaurants Can Use Email Marketing to Increase Customers

If you’re like most restaurants owners, you might be wondering how email marketing can increase customers when people are using more screen time on social media. Why not just do Facebook Ads, or use third-party delivery apps for customer acquisition as they are more popular than email these days? As you’re about to learn in […]

How Much Does a POS System Cost for a Restaurant in Vancouver?

A lot of restaurant owners ask us, “How much does a POS system cost for a restaurant with apps like Upserve, TouchBistro, and DeliveryBizConnect?” We looked into 5 of the most popular brands to help guide you in choosing the right mobile POS system for your restaurant. If you’ve never used any POS, here’s why […]