How Delivery Drivers Can Get Ahead This Holiday Season

Delivery drivers have more reasons to celebrate this holiday season.

They are now one of the most in-demand workforce in the labour market. 

And for the next coming months, they’ll play a critical role in solving the supplies chain issues that have been plaguing the world’s economy.

Here’s what delivery drivers can do to get ahead during the holiday season. Towards the end, we offer drivers a great way to earn more while at the same time helping other drivers and restaurant owners in their area. 

Working full-time as a delivery driver

Labour shortage has been a major issue with a lot of businesses particularly those that rely on drivers to deliver the goods (pun intended).

With businesses re-opening and holiday rush just around the corner companies are scrambling to hire additional drivers. Some came up with creative ways to lure drivers in like sign-up bonuses and offering higher pay to new applicants.

For delivery drivers, this can be an opportunity to land a stable job and not have to worry about the feast and famine typical among freelance drivers.

They don’t need to spend money on gas, maintenance, or a new vehicle, and they enjoy the benefits afforded to regular employees like health insurance, paid time off, and retirement benefits.

Indeed Canada lists some of the best driver jobs in terms of pay, some even as high as $323 a day. However, as with any kind of job, there will be pros and cons of driving full-time.

For instance, working as a truck driver means spending most of the day watching long stretches of empty roads, and being away from home for extended periods of time. Food delivery drivers, on the other hand, should be agile and be able to handle loads of stacked orders to maximize efficiency.

Being Flexible is Key

More people coming out for the holidays means drivers will have more driving options and opportunities. Restaurants don’t have much activity in between meals except for a few occasional snacks and sides. Savvy drivers use these idle hours on ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft.

Some drivers claim to earn more money driving people around than doing food deliveries. But that’s before the pandemic.

Nowadays, delivery drivers can earn just as much (or even more) as demand for these essential services become mainstream, thanks to the pandemic. Likewise, reopening encourages more people to use ride-hailing apps allowing drivers to effectively double their income by going from food delivery to ride-hailing and vice versa.

So what’s the caveat? To succeed in both areas drivers need to take their driving skills and soft skills to the next level. And, they need to freshen up the air from time to time to remove food odor from all the food deliveries. Being good at both takes time and practice – definitely not for the novice and faint at heart.

Work on your driving skills

We’ve heard stories of people driving for hours only to be caught in a traffic violation, or inexperienced drivers getting stuck in a bottleneck and penalized for late deliveries.

Or worse, delivery drivers getting involved in an accident. Lots of this can happen during the holidays as people try to beat the rush.

Practicing on these different scenarios and knowing your way around the cities and burbs for a couple of hours a day can go a long way.

It’s a lot better than finding yourself in an unfamiliar route doing actual deliveries, losing precious time in the process.

Being swift and smooth pays you more in the form of handsome tips, especially during the holidays when people tend to give more generously for a good product or service. It is, after all, a season of giving so why not improve on a service that encourages people to give more?

Work on your soft skills

Aside from excellent driving skills, soft skills can make a world of difference between just okay and a rock star driver. If you’re already an outgoing person, this won’t be a problem for you. It’s usually the quiet type who needs more work.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily include long haul truck drivers, but everyone can benefit from better soft skills, even if you don’t interact with the public that often. We’re talking about delivery drivers and ride-hailing drivers who constantly need to interact with customers.

Again, the reason we want to work out this area is take advantage of the holiday season where generosity becomes the norm. A little ‘thank you,’ ‘have a nice day’, taking the extra mile, or kind gestures like giving a hand loading and unloading stuff, etc., not only results in glowing reviews but also more tips and driving opportunities in the future.

It turns out being nice does pay off and especially during holiday season.

Choosing a profitable food delivery app service like DeliveryBizConnect

We’ve seen this problem with most major third-party apps during the pandemic: drivers just couldn’t get a living wage. Or if they do manage to get one, they earn it through some kind of gamified point system and algorithms designed to keep drivers on the road at a particular time or by getting a huge amount of tips.

We decided to do things differently. We don’t use cryptic algorithms or complicated pay system. We provide drivers an opportunity to earn a living wage doing just deliveries.

Hint: we don’t get to anything from the delivery charge but goes straight to the restaurant who then pays the driver the specified amount. In this case, $5 topped up to $9 if tip is less than $4 PER DELIVERY (the restaurant owner can change this at any time).

But that’s not all. DeliveryBizConnect is the only app that offers a driver program with not just 1 but 5 ways of earning. As a matter of fact, drivers can already start earning without doing a SINGLE DELIVERY.

Don’t believe it?

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