Once you have Online Ordering Set Up, Touchless ordering by QR Code for Dine-In is SIMPLE!

Restaurant online ordering system allows you to do touchless ordering via QR code.

Another big benefit of having online orders is being able to use QR codes to take orders anywhere both outside and inside your restaurant.

You can find lots of creative ways to set up your QR code:

Put a big tent sign on the curbside or posters of your mouth-watering dishes on your window  with a QR code that says ‘order online now’ People stop by, they scan your QR code – and if they pay online – they don’t even have to step out of their cars. 

How about touchless orders for check-ins? Absolutely! Put a small tent card on the table with the QR and take orders right away without your staff touching a single thing.

That’s the beauty of touchless ordering when you have a restaurant online ordering system already set up.

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Increase restaurant sales by 30% or more through a restaurant online ordering system vs. just phone and walk-up orders, plus another 11% thru mobile app orders.

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