Restaurant Online Ordering - Get Your Own Platform

online ordering for restaurants

Relying on Uber Eats type third party online ordering platforms for your restaurant online ordering needs is the worst possible restaurant growth and profitability strategy.

They are excellent at providing you with new customers both pickup and delivery. What restaurant wouldn’t pay 20% or 30% of the FIRST order to gain a new customer? Not a lot different than a 25% off coupon campaign.

What hurts with using Uber Eats or others as your only restaurant online ordering option is you lose that same 20% or 30% of future repeat orders. These are people who loved your restaurants food and came looking to eat it again. Makes no sense to pay again for your own customer.

These big companies are smart though. You end up with no choice but to keep using them as they do NOT share the restaurant customer data with you. This is what makes them much more expensive than your own 25% off new customer coupon campaign.

They know the value of that data is worth $26.65/year in increased sales to your restaurant. They know if they gave it to you, you could employ a restaurant CRM to bring these customers back over and over directly to YOUR OWN RESTAURANT ONLINE ORDERING platform and NOT lose 20% to 30% of each order to them.

Make sure you get an online ordering platform that makes your restaurant customer data available to you for marketing purposes.

Better yet, get an integrated restaurant online ordering platform and restaurant CRM so the marketing can happen automatically as your data collection grows.

Good restaurant CRM software will also help you automatically collect dine-in restaurant customer data automatically powering your restaurant sales growth through restaurant email marketing and restaurant text message marketing even faster.


Restaurant Online Ordering Facts

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