Email Marketing to Increase Customers – How Restaurants Can Use it

If you’re like most restaurants owners, you might be wondering how email marketing can increase customers when people are using more screen time on social media. Why not just do Facebook Ads, or use third-party delivery apps for customer acquisition as they are more popular than email these days?

As you’re about to learn in this article, email marketing can be just as effective way back nearly half a century ago by combining it with other methods like social media, content marketing,  and push notifications.

Why Email Marketing For Restaurants?

Email still ranks as the most preferred mode of communication for businesses across the globe even at the age of mobile. We use our emails for signups, subscriptions, pretty much all of our online transactions. And let’s not forget, almost every mobile phone now comes pre-installed with one of these email apps.

In a recent survey, email is the first thing people look up when they go online. Search comes next followed by social media.

However, unlike in the old days, email marketing rarely ever works in a vacuum. Sending bulk emails to so-called opt-in lists sold online are way far behind us and downright illegal by current laws (GDPR, CAN-SPAM, etc.). You need to have at least one extra step to make email marketing work as a customer acquisition tool for your restaurant.

Email and Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

The simplest way to build a list for your restaurant is to have a following on social media. For one thing, you don’t have to chase people around. You start with what you already have and keep growing it.

Almost every restaurant has a Facebook Page which is great. It provides online visibility without needing to set up a restaurant website. In fact Google your restaurant or any local restaurant in your area and you’d probably come up with a Facebook Page along with restaurant reviews from Tripadvisor or Yelp.

But just how good is it at getting new customers? The problem with Facebook is that posts often have a very low penetration rate. Only 2% of your posts will get through, so you’d have to keep churning out those posts hour on the hour.

Here’s why you still need email marketing even if you have thousands of followers on Facebook:

Of course there’s Facebook Ads, but they’re only good at one-time engagements. It’s also the quickest way to lose money if you don’t put a lot of thought on who your target audiences are and not paying close attention to your ad limits.

The solution has always been a combination of email and social media marketing. Mailchimp is a good example. Mailchimp’s Facebook integration allows you to create an email sign-up right within your restaurant’s Facebook Page. You can also build your landing page with it and use it as a lead magnet for your restaurant marketing.

Email and Content Marketing For Restaurants

You can’t have an effective email marketing strategy without giving something of value to your target audience. Content has always been the backbone of email marketing. The challenge is often what type of content would be most appropriate for a restaurant, especially for targeting new customers.

Since restaurant searches are mostly transactional (people looking for a place to eat or order food online), you should put a lot of work on your online menu.

Create a simple restaurant website on WordPress or Wix. Upload images of your best-sellers, signature dishes, holidays specials, and so on. Spend some time working on your product presentation. Most mobile phones are now capable of taking professional photos so it’s a lot easier and more fun to do.

If you use a restaurant CRM like DeliveryBizConnect you’ll speed up the process even more. Here’s how easy it to set up your online menu using DeliveryBizConnect:

Having a web presence makes it easier for Google to index your restaurant so your restaurant shows up when people look for a local restaurant or a specific type of cuisine in your area. And then, of course by going directly to your site you’d be able to sign them up to your mailing list for your email marketing.

Email and Push Notifications For Restaurants

Push notifications are a step ahead to email marketing, but they also come at a steep price. We’re talking here of building your own mobile app and being able to publish it on Google Play or App Store. By then you’d be able to harness the power of push notifications for your restaurant.

Watch our video and see why mobile apps and push notifications are such a big thing in the restaurant industry right now.

Push notifications puts you in front of your audience without them having to go past their lock screen. However, you’re also limited by the number of characters that you can use. With emails, you can be as simple or feature-rich as you want.

Having both means you’re able to connect with your target audience on different levels. For instance, if you want people to know more about your restaurant, e.g., what type of cuisine you specialize or what services your restaurant offers, emails are a perfect fit. But if it’s a one-time offer or something more time-sensitive like a Wing Wednesday or Weekend Special, you might go for push notifications.

Putting It All Together

Right now you might be thinking, “Is there an easier way to put this all together, or just have it all in one place?” “How do users actually end up using my app should I have one?” This is where DeliveryBizConnect comes in.

DeliveryBizConnect is an all-in-one solution for restaurants which includes restaurant online ordering system, a complete restaurant CRM (full feature), 3-page restaurant website, restaurant POS, directory listing, driver app, delivery app – every possible way to increase your customers, particularly during this new reality.

It also gives you the ability to enroll customers to your referral program (Joint Venture module) and incentivize people to download and use the app. It’s a truly complete system that goes beyond email marketing.

Watch our video and see what DeliveryBizConnect can do for your restaurant:

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