Taking Online Orders Can Increase Sales 30% or More

Across our clients we have seen Online Orders increase sales almost instantly by 30% or more. In the case of Sawbuck Pub in Surrey it was a 100% increase in sales the day online orders were enabled.

See how easy it is to start taking Online Orders for a Take-Out Menu in 10 minutes or less with this video! This strategy works for Restaurants, or any Retail Business with items sitting on the shelf they could Deliver or Ship to customers.

You can host the online orders page on your site, or use our URL, it is up to you. SPEED to deployment is the key to your Success! 

It is critical in the “New World” of business for a Restaurant to make it easy for customers to order take-out by Phone and Online.

Staff Delivery

Online Orders with Delivery Biz Connect

Offering staff done delivery will SkyRocket your sales even, and is not as hard as it sounds. Using your own staff to do the deliveries will save some of the 30% fees of 3rd party apps, and create more engagement with your customers. Want to see how Much? Check out our handy Staff Delivery Calculator.

Even with a contactless online orders and delivery approach where your staff simply drops the parcel on the steps, stands back 6 feet, says hello from a distance, picks up the delivery bag and leaves, your customers will appreciate it!

Online Orders and 3rd Party Delivery Apps

PRO TIP: Get the most out of your 30% delivery fees to the popular delivery apps by doing EVERYTHING in your power to convert THEIR Online Orders for delivery into YOUR FUTURE Staff done Deliveries. Pay them to get you NEW customers, but have a plan to NOT keep paying them for those coming back for YOUR food. 

DeliveryBizConnect.com and our Simple 7 Step Plan, help you get the most out of your 30% third party delivery apps fees, OR avoid them altogether.

There is a Strategy to Survive and Thrive During this pandemic, Grab our Free Guide Today: 5 Simple Secrets for Restaurant and Staff Survival it is full of helpful proven strategies.

Please Share this Page with any Restaurant’s you would like to see provide online ordering and/or lessen the impact to their businesses from the 30% taken by delivery apps.