Uber Eats vs. DeliveryBizConnect – Which is Better for You?

Choosing the right delivery app for your restaurant is a matter of survival in this new reality. One of the questions people ask nowadays is what delivery app is better than Uber Eats in terms of income and cost-effectiveness.

In this article, we’ll compare DeliveryBizConnect with Uber Eats and see how they stack up against each other.

What Third Party Delivery App Is The Best?

We talked with a lot of restaurant owners, drivers, and food customers and most of them agree DeliveryBizConnect is the best alternative so far to major third-party apps like Uber Eats.

Here’s why.

No other app offers the same functionality, ease of use, and cutting edge technology as major third-party apps at only 3.33% delivery cost. It gets better in the minimum fee is $1, but the maximum is $2.50 even if the 3.33% of order would exceed $2.50.

Drivers also get higher pay, and can even earn income for handing out brochures, referring restaurants and even other drivers to DeliveryBizConnect.com.

The biggest complaint about most 3rd party Delivery Apps are the high commission fees. As high as 30% (38% if you account for destroyed or undelivered food). Restaurant owners were literally begging the market for a way out.

In addition to the 30% markup on food items, the restaurant customers also pay the driver delivery fee plus tips to get their food delivered. If you’re wondering why major third-party apps do this, you can read our article on 5 Things Third-party Apps Don’t Want You to Know.

We’ve been working on a restaurant solution for 18 months now. We have enhanced our CRM to do what major third-party apps do without putting a hole on their budget, and giving them control of their data and the abililty to run their own discount programs vs. relying on a third party to do it from time to time. It not only save restaurants 30% on commission fees; it also increases sales significantly through customer acquisition and customer engagement.

DeliveryBizConnect is a fully integrated Restaurant CRM with POS, food ordering, and delivery app that matches drivers to restaurants and puts all cashflow in control of the restaurants, unlike most major third-party delivery apps.

Let’s take a look at all the benefits from the point of view of a restaurant owner, delivery driver, and app user (food customer) when compared to major third-party apps like Uber Eats.

Restaurant Owners

The biggest draw for restaurant owners is DeliveryBizConnect’s full suite of tools not normally found in popular apps like Uber Eats. Restaurant owners are usually limited to adding menu items, accepting orders, assigning drivers and store hours but don’t have access to precious customer data. They belong to the third-party apps, well, for obvious reasons.

In contrast, DeliveryBizConnect offers full access to customer data, allowing restaurant owners to build customer engagement through promos and freebies, email, social media, SMS, push notifications, etc. on top of all the features found in major third-party delivery apps.

Here are a few examples from our demo videos:

How to Make a Restaurant Directory Listing in DeliveryBizConnect - with caption

How to Complete Your Basic Directory Listing

Create Your Modifiers if Required - Final with caption

How to Create Modifiers for Your Menu

Best Delivery Software for Restaurants

How to Process Orders

And here are few examples on how to use customer referrals for customer acquisition and how to set up deals to maintain customer loyalty with DeliveryBizConnect:

How to Create Referral Marketing Restaurant Program or JV in DeliveryBizConnect

How to Create Your Referral Marketing

How to Create a Deal in DeliveryBizConnect's Local Business Directory

How to Create a Deal

DeliveryBizConnect comes with all these features at just 3.33% delivery fee (minimum of $1 and maximum of $2.50) compared to 30% on major third-party apps. Restaurant owners can also get a Done-For-You solution if they want a fully customized online ordering system vs. doing it all by themselves (we also offer menu-building services).

Watch our video to see how we’re able to bring down the cost of your deliveries significantly:

How to Lower My Restaurant Delivery Cost to 3.33% with DeliveryBizConnect

How to Lower My Restaurant Delivery Cost to 3.33% with DeliveryBizConnect

Delivery Drivers

When DeliveryBizConnect was originally conceived, the idea was to create a platform that would allow restaurant owners to do their own deliveries which is the final stage from being able to make online, takeout, and pickup-only orders. However as it turned out many restaurants aren’t ready yet and would still depend on third-party delivery apps when doing deliveries.

Note: even without delivery capability, restaurants were able to increase sales 30% and save thousands of dollars on commission fees each month. One of our clients (Sawbucks) was able to earn three times the amount spent on the app in just their first month.

After 18 months of app development, DeliveryBizConnect was finally able to integrate driver matching service similar to Uber Eats. Restaurants and delivery drivers love it. In fact, 70% of drivers we bumped into agree to add DeiveryBizConnect driver app to their existing driver apps as it earns them more money by at least 22% ($4.99 base topped to $9 after tip).

Here’s how driver matching, route optimization and delivery fees work on the restaurant’s end:

How to do My Own Food Delivery | Routing Optimization

Driver Matching and Route Optimization

10 How to Set your Delivery Fee

How to Set Your Delivery Fee

Aside from getting higher pay compared to other third-party delivery app, DeliveryBizConnect drivers earn more by getting the word out and referring drivers into the system. The potential income can go as high as $6,157.10 a month within 12 months doing just 20 deliveries per month.

Food Customers

Finally, DeliveryBizConnect won’t be complete without the food ordering app. It’s essentially the same app as Uber Eats and other third-party delivery apps which users can download on their mobile phones.

Here’s how your food customers can start using the DeliveryBizConnect app and start ordering from you:

How to download app  - final with caption

How to Download and Use the App

We actually made it a point to put your restaurant top-of-mind when users download and install the DeliveryBizConnect app using your download link with the referral code. The system immediately sees this and puts your restaurant above everyone else on their mobile phones. We encourage you to share the download link with your referral code to anyone who comes to your restaurant for the first time or have your old customers share it to their friends.

Final Verdict

After considering all the benefits for restaurants, delivery drivers, and food customers, DeliveryBizConnect is by all accounts the better app in today’s new reality. You don’t have to settle for expensive apps that do so little to keep the restaurant industry alive. You now have a MUCH better choice.

Start Doing Deliveries Now

If you need any help on how to jumpstart your own food delivery service, feel free to book an appointment with us for a 30-minute Complimentary Restaurant Sales Expert Call. We’re on a mission to help restaurant owners get back on their feet and increase sales like never before.