Who is Dennis Wilson and Why Can He Help Restaurants in the New Reality vs. a Restaurant Consultant

New Reality

Dennis speaks on stages around the world about customer relationship management (CRM) and how to use data without frustrating customers especially with this new reality we’re in. He’s been involved in Small Business Dream for about 5 years now, helping small businesses of all types including a fairly large group of restaurant owners.

Internetnexstep is a 20-year old tech company which started in the direct sales industry and has clients earning a billion dollars a year. It’s a very robust platform that has gone through scalability issues − the backbone of Small Business Dream which powers DeliveryBizConnect. 

Small Business Dream came out of the need to help small businesses. After talking around the world, he realized it wasn’t that hard to share success stories of other clients and have them come on board to have that same success. For instance, by simply implementing their own online order, restaurants can increase their sales by 30% even with this new reality we’re facing.

He shares these tips all over the world and they all came from its deep roots in software that has done an excellent job and now is being deployed to help people with their problems.