Who is Dennis Wilson, Restaurant Consultant?

New Reality

Dennis Wilson Restaurant Consultant speaks on stages around the world about increasing restaurant sales with customer relationship management (CRM).

He shares how to use restaurant customer data for email, text, and push notification marketing campaigns without frustrating restaurant customers.

He’s been helping restaurants and small businesses for 29 years.

He is the founder of InternetNexStep.com a 25-year old tech company which started in the direct sales industry.

Clients selling a billion dollars a year on the platform.

This robust platform, already hardened, and proven scalable is the backbone of Small Business Dream, the CRM which powers DeliveryBizConnect. 

Small Business Dream came out of the need to help small businesses, and then specifically restaurants.

Dennis Wilson Restaurant Consultant has found sharing simple stories about simple changes with restaurant owners can help them increase their sales with minimal cost.

Dennis’ favorite is sharing how implementing restaurant online and mobile ordering platform and restaurant CRM increases restaurant sales by 23% over 8 months.

He shares tips to increase restaurant sales worldwide learned from deep roots utilizing software to streamline and increase sales efficiency.

Deploying these same strategies to help restaurant owners all over increase their sales with little or no additional staff required.