Best Delivery Software for Restaurants

It is not easy to find the Best Delivery Software for Restaurants. In fact you need a Food Delivery System including a Food Ordering App, a Food Delivery App, and a Driver Tracking App.

Telephone Take-Out and Delivery Orders coupled with online take out orders are key to restaurant survival. See how easy your Telephone Orders can be handled with DeliveryBizConnect. With auto customer lookup from phone number or email, automatic splitting of first name and last name, google address lookup to avoid errors, order history visibility, Delivery Orders or Pick up Orders, Paypal Payment integration, and simple order interface it is easy.

Watch to the End to see Route Optimization and the Driver Tracking App.

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Get prepared for coronavirus 2nd shutdown today by building your restaurant database and ability to offer Self Delivery of your Restaurant orders. Our food ordering app and food delivery app is like having your very own Uber Eats. makes maintaining restaurant take-out and re-opening regulation compliance profitable by collecting customer data at the door painlessly for skeptical staff. Restaurant CRM combined with POS converts 83% to update list subscribers generating a 25% increase in sales by enhancing your restaurant marketing. You are empowered by restaurant data to use to invite your customers to order take-out after a great dine-in experience.

We also help you increase restaurant sales 30% with your own online Restaurant Take Out Order QR Code Menu vs. phone orders which all feeds data to your restaurant CRM.

As a result enabling QR Code Menu Touchless Dine In ordering for your restaurant as well.

Our Food Ordering App enables Mobile ordering generating another 11% in Restaurant Take-Out Sales.

Do local deliveries with your own staff with our Restaurant Delivery App complete with Driver Tracking App increasing profit 20% with higher customer satisfaction.

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