Best Delivery Software for Restaurants

Best Delivery Software for Restaurants

What is the Best Delivery Software for Restaurants?

The Best Delivery Software for Restaurants Helps Avoid Deliveries!

Crazy right? We believe as delivery can be extremely expensive with the major third party apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats etc., that they best delivery software for restaurants is one that helps you get your customers to come and pickup vs. follow through with the initial intent of getting your restaurant food delivered.

On top of that, the best delivery software for restaurants should have an amazing delivery rate with premium drivers to rely on when the conversion to pickup tools do fail and the customer does want their food delivered. Not the 20% to 30% per order like the big companies, but rather 3.33% with a minimum of $1.00 and maximum of $2.50.

The best delivery software for a restaurant should also provide you with your restaurant customer data for your restaurant database and restaurant CRM. This is important for you to be able to invite your customers to order again, or come and dine-in on a slow day. Used properly a restaurant CRM can increase your restaurant sales 23% over 8 months.

The best delivery software for a restaurant should help the restaurant increase sales with a restaurant CRM and automatic restaurant customer data collection and reduce costly deliveries.

More than just restaurant delivery software

You need a Food Delivery System including:

  • Food Ordering Website branded to your restaurant (online ordering platform)
  • Food Ordering Mobile App branded to your restaurant
  • Food Delivery App
  • Driver Tracking App
  • Restaurant CRM.

Telephone and online orders for Take-Out especially when converted from a potential delivery order are the home run for restaurant profitability. Low cost high quality Delivery Orders add incrementally to profits as well.

See how easy your Telephone Orders can be handled with DeliveryBizConnect. With auto customer lookup from phone number or email, automatic splitting of first name and last name, google address lookup to avoid errors, order history visibility, Delivery Orders or Pick up Orders, Paypal Payment integration, and simple order interface it is easy.

Watch to the End to see Route Optimization and the Driver Tracking App.

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Our food ordering app and food delivery app is like having your very own Uber Eats or DoorDash. makes maintaining restaurant take-out and delivery profitable by collecting customer data automatically.

We also help you increase restaurant sales 23% over 8 months with our Sales Maximization Programs with your own online Restaurant Take Out Order QR Code Menu vs. phone orders which all feeds data to your restaurant CRM.

You can even do local deliveries with your own staff with our Restaurant Delivery App complete with Driver Tracking App.

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