Restaurant Delivery Costs – How to Lower to 3.33%/Order vs. 30%

Imagine increasing your restaurant sales by 23% over the next 8 months and lowering your restaurant delivery costs 80% or more compared the major delivery apps with their 20% to 30% fee on the order total. (before chargebacks!)

DeliveryBizConnect has developed a 360 degree solution with a restaurant online ordering system, restaurant CRM (for increasing sales) and restaurant mobile app suite. Our included restaurant delivery driver matching service saves our restaurants 80% on their delivery cost compared to major 3rd party apps with our own premium drivers. (min $1 – max $2.50 per order)

If you convert 100 – $30 delivery orders per month from other 3rd party delivery apps charging 25% fees using our 3-step system

This video will walk you through the difference and how that can save you up to $1500 on delivery fees each month!

We have given the power back to the restaurants.

  • You control ALL the incoming money.
  • You control all the DATA (used to drive sales up 23% over 8 months with built-in restaurant crm)
  • YOU keep the delivery FEE to use to pay drivers.
  • NO % of Order Fees, just 3.33% delivery cost to DeliveryBizConnect
  • You pay the drivers through our automated micro payment system
  • You can stack orders with drivers and save even more.
  • You can do SPLIT tipping so 1/2 to driver 1/2 to restaurant

This video shares how your restaurant can actually make money on deliveries, convert customers from delivery of 3rd party to FREE PICKUP orders saving you even more…