Restaurant CRM for Dummies

CRM Customer Relationship Management for Restaurant Dummies

Restaurant CRM For Dummies suggests a restaurant CRM is like a super-smart, super helpful computer robot friend for your restaurant. It helps you remember all the different things you need to do for sales and marketing, and keeps track of who your restaurant customers are. A good restaurant CRM will even collect your customers contact […]

Why You Need to Start Doing Deliveries for Office Meeting

Office food delivery offers a more stable income and long term value than just regular online orders. It’s also one of the highest in terms of profit margins. However, not many restaurants are offering this kind of service. Oftentimes, it’s the meal prep companies leading the way in office food deliveries. Here’s why you should […]

The Proven 7 Step Restaurant Owners “New World” Survival Plan

Dennis M. Wilson and Craig Peloquin share The Proven 7 Step Restaurant “New World” Survival Plan for Restaurant Owners and Managers. Step 1: Collect Customer Data.Step 2: Pre-Paid Online Orders for Pick-upStep 3: Contactless Orders at Pick-upStep 4: Take and Bake Bulk Menu ItemsStep 5: Third Party Delivery Apps Popular in Your AreaStep 6: Begin […]