What is the Cost Benefit of Delivery with Own Staff?

Own-staff restaurant deliveries work great for many restaurant owners. But there are those who are still reluctant to the idea.

We did an actual survey on Facebook groups about own-staff restaurant deliveries and came up with some interesting results:

38% no idea where to start

33% staff doesn’t drive

26% doing it and it’s great

3% doing it and so far so good

What caught our attention is the 33% who said staff don’t drive. Really?? But the solution could not have been much simpler – hire your own delivery driver! You’re probably going to save more money on it if you have large enough volume than using third party delivery apps.

However, it’s the 26% that said they’re doing it and it’s great that really drives home the point of doing your own-staff restaurant deliveries. This means, if you’re not doing your own deliveries, you’re missing 26% to 29% (including the 3%) of your sales to those who are doing it.

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