How to Get More Customers in Restaurant?

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How to get more customers in restaurant is a question many restaurant owners constantly ask themselves. Running a restaurant is a challenging yet rewarding experience. However, one of the biggest challenges is how to get more customers in restaurant, both new customers getting existing ones to return. In today’s competitive market, it’s important to stay […]

A Restaurant CRM can Increase your Restaurant Sales by 23%… Automatically!

Restaurant CRM helps you increase your restaurant sales by at least 23%. Restaurant CRM, the best part is when coupled with a Restaurant Online Ordering platform where you control your own restaurant customer data can help you make dine-in restaurant customer data collection automatic! Restaurants using a restaurant CRM, marketing automation, and online/mobile ordering software […]

How Can’s Restaurant Consulting Team Help Your Restaurant? helps restaurants rapidly grow from Step 1 to Step 5 of our Rapid Restaurant Sales Growth – A Proven 5 Stage Restaurant Marketing Plan. Need help increasing your restaurant sales 23% or $6900/month per 30 seats within 6 to 8 months? First, we help restaurants by enabling them with a restaurant CRM and automated […]

5 Reasons High-End Restaurants Are Struggling to Survive (And What They Can Do About it)

High-end restaurants are still facing hardships despite governments lifting restrictions on in-person dining. What are the long-standing effects of this pandemic in the restaurant industry, and how do restaurants cope with it? In this article, we’ll look at some common reasons why high-end restaurants don’t make much as expected and what can be done to […]

How Much Staff Done Delivery Would Cost You Per Order

Staff-done restaurant deliveries are easier than you think if you have tools like the Driver App from DeliveryBizConnect. It’s optimized to give the fastest route so they arrives fresh and kitchen perfect. That’s 20% more sales coming from a happy, satisfied customer. The cost-benefit of turning your staff into your own delivery service like Uber […]

Using 3rd Party Delivery Apps to Generate NEW CUSTOMERS

3rd party delivery app is a perfect way to profit if you have a strategy. This sounds a bit counterintuitive. But the truth is, they’re great at one thing – generating NEW CUSTOMERS for your restaurant. So how do we make the unprofitable profitable? If you’re following along from Step 1 of our Rapid Restaurant […]

What is the Cost Benefit of Delivery with Own Staff?

Own-staff restaurant deliveries work great for many restaurant owners. But there are those who are still reluctant to the idea. We did an actual survey on Facebook groups about own-staff restaurant deliveries and came up with some interesting results: 38% no idea where to start 33% staff doesn’t drive 26% doing it and it’s great […]

See How Customers Can Place Online Orders or Telephone Orders for Delivery or Pick-Up

Online Order Delivery or Pick-Up Increase Sales up to 30% or more and Reduce Phone Order Stress by Adding Online Ordering Today So how do your customers place an order with you online with DeliveryBizConnect’s online ordering? We’ve had orders come in online, we’ve had orders that we’ve placed through people that have walked up […]