Restaurant Promotion Ideas | The Best 60 to Increase Restaurant Sales

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This PDF contains, not only the list of 60 restaurant promotions, but the 22 which you can automate or semi-automate yourself with readily available internet based tools.

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Restaurant Promotion Ideas can dramatically increase your restaurant sales.

Category 1 | Simple Free/Inexpensive Internet Assets Most Restaurant Owners Don’t Know

  1. Free Restaurant Google Business Profile – Setup/Optimize

  2. Free Restaurant Bing Places for Business Profile – Setup/Optimize

  3. Free Apps for Finding Restaurants – Setup/Optimize

  4. Get Listed on Free Business Listing Sites

  5. Free Restaurant Facebook Business Page – Setup/Optimize

  6. Simple Restaurant Website – Create/Optimize

  7. Restaurant Online Ordering – Get your own platform

  8. Restaurant Google Reviews – Ask your customers

Category 2 | 22 Restaurant Promotion Ideas You Can Automate

  1. Restaurant Email marketing

  2. Restaurant text message marketing or SMS marketing

  3. Restaurant happy hour

  4. Takeout happy hour

  5. Delivery happy hour

  6. Restaurant order percentage discount

  7. Menu Item discount

  8. Order total discount

  9. Online Ordering Upselling with Modifiers

  10. Late night menu

  11. BOGO (buy one get one) menu items

  12. Limited time dine-in takeout or delivery offers

  13. Kids eat free

  14. Offer a freebie

  15. Personalized discount based on order history

  16. Limited run menu item

  17. Premium bottomless brunch for mothers day

  18. Bottomless item offer for limited hours

  19. Grill it yourself packages for summer BBQ season

  20. Buy-One-Give One donation

  21. Free exclusive Christmas gift

  22. Referral program

  23. Free birthday item (time limited redemption)

  24. Loyalty Program

Category 3 | 14 Dine-In Restaurant Promotion Ideas

  1. Facebook check in free item

  2. Live Music

  3. DJ in house

  4. Loyalty card restaurant promotion

  5. Fishbowl Draw for Free Dinner/Lunch

  6. Restaurant Promotion Ideas Favorite: Flip a coin for a free meal or menu item

  7. Get customers to say secret or hilarious words out loud for a freebie or discount

  8. Steal competitors’ loyal customers

  9. Selfie station

  10. Spin the wheel night

  11. Loss leader discount night

  12. Omakase (Chefs choice) night

  13. Spot prizes for tagging you online

  14. Coupon for next visit (digital or paper)

Category 4 | 14 Random Restaurant Promotion Ideas

  1. Hijack data from expensive 3rd party delivery apps

  2. Ask for reviews

  3. Facebook organic posts

  4. Facebook special offers

  5. Facebook ads

  6. Google ads

  7. Bing ads

  8. Office takeout/delivery lunch

  9. Family size take out meal

  10. Take and Bake Offerings

  11. Local website SEO (search engine optimization)

  12. Secret menu or menu items

  13. Huge and expensive sounding item give away

  14. Surprise a Small Business in Your Community

  15. Visit small businesses in your community with discount promotions

  16. Offer samples outside your restaurant and around town

  17. Premium bottomless brunch for mother’s day

  18. Grill it yourself packages for summer BBQ season

  19. Prix fixe menu

  20. Referral program

  21. Show off your staff

  22. Influencer Marketing

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